Carolina Sandoval upsets her ‘haters’ by flossing down the street

Carolina Sandoval alborota a sus ‘haters’ paseandose en hilo dental por la calle

Carolina Sandoval.

Photo: Alberto E. Tamargo. / Grosby Group

Carolina sandoval She is once again the focus of criticism for showing up without any shame in a tiny bikini and her extravagant protective helmet, to go to an appointment at a beauty center to treat her cellulite.

The controversy “Poisonous”Returns to the controversy among her followers by sharing a video on her Instagram account, where with all the attitude and energy that characterizes her, she is ready to give herself her reductive treatment, but surprises when she walks through the streets of Miami, in little clothes provoking the reactions of his fans.

For those who criticize, have a good profitHe has written under his publication to his detractors.

Sandoval is seen showing off her curves in a white thong and matching bra that exposes all her imperfections, but she has never hidden anything from her admirers and she even carries them along with her at every step of her beauty rituals.

The reactions have been divided, there are those who support the star in all his crazy things, but there are other followers who do not like at all that he is exposed in this way and has made it known through the comment box of the publication.

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I don’t think it’s necessary to go through life naked all the time especially with 2 girls who may be bullied because of you“,”I think the treatment has not worked at all“,”Every day more ridiculous everything to get attention“,”It’s a shame that being talented you have to do what you do to get likes “some wrote him


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