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Apple CarPlay

According to an article published by the American newspaper Bloomberg via Mark Gurman, Apple is reportedly working on a major update to its car OS. This is mainly available as an option from high-end manufacturers for the moment but continues to gain market share by winning over more and more manufacturers. Opposite him stands Android Auto, just as complete.

The changes in question would in fact make it possible to manage all of the vehicle’s conventional controls, from the seats to the windows to the air conditioning. At the touch of a finger, users would be able to move closer to the steering wheel, ventilate the passenger compartment or even change radio stations. Apple has not reacted to this leak, which does not appear to have been controlled.

A relationship with a much more ambitious product?

According to Bloomberg, the project would already have a code name internally: Ironheart. It is impossible to know precisely who is behind this initiative, nevertheless the term in question perhaps refers to an eponymous Marvel superheroine. A medium-length film is also dedicated to him on Disney +; it is Riri Williams whose armor is not unlike that of Tony Stark.

Is this a direct reference to the Apple Car, an autonomous and electric automobile that Cupertino has been secretly designing for several years now? Difficult to know, but we know that the metallic references are precisely at the heart of the confidence: in its beginnings, the machine was known under the name of Project Titan. What is more, its body would be precisely the key element of its success to come with a neat design as Apple is used to. Finally, some believe that all this would ultimately be a vast hoax, rather hiding a software: mystery.

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Somfy in your car

Here are the other features that Gurman thinks will soon be coming to Apple CarPlay:

  • speaker volume adjustment
  • fan adjustment
  • defrost start
  • on-the-fly interior temperature display and change
  • speedometer
  • fuel level available
  • tachometer

Note that there are already third-party applications for all these options, but they are not always the easiest to configure. The interface of CarPlay, on the other hand, is renowned for its minimalism supposed to bring more comfort to the driver.

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