Carvajal and Asensio, on the sidelines

Carvajal y Asensio, al margen

17 days before the Champions League final, Ancelotti has low five, though neither is particularly worrisome for that quote. The two most notable in this morning’s session were, like yesterday, Carvajal and Asensio, because they did not even step on the grass, doing the entire session inside the facilities; the side has nothing, he is simply in the ‘active rest’ phase, but the winger does suffer from some discomfort in the ankle. Also still in the infirmary Praisewhose recovery after relapse of the adductor progresses adequately, good sensations. Although yesterday he did appear slightly on the grass, today his planning was completely inside the facilities.

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The other two absences were Ceballos and Bale. Both did half of the training with the group and the other half, on the sidelines, also heading the final stretches of their recoveries. The utrerano wants to be against Betis. Marcelo, absent in the derby, trained with absolute normality. What hazard, who reappeared yesterday after having an osteosynthesis plate removed from his right fibula on March 29. Looks like you might have a few minutes before the end of the course. Isco has improved from his discomfort and discomfort. And finally, Courtoiswho turns 30 today, worked without problems after receiving applause and recovering from gastroenteritis.

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Hazard returned to work with the group.

It was a demanding session under the hot sun that today presides over the capital of Spain. The players began with a warm-up and were divided into two rounds. They then carried out physical worktactical exercises and played a game on a small field, one of the most common exercises in Carletto. The training ended with shots on goal. Shortly after, Ancelotti appeared at a press conference and confirmed that several heavyweights will return to the eleven tomorrow: Courtois, Vinicius, Benzema…


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