Castro: “There is nothing signed, but everything indicates that I will continue”

Castro: "No hay nada firmado, pero todo apunta a que seguiré"

The best gift for the hobby FC Cartagena is in the continuity of Ruben Castro. Except for surprise, the Canarian striker will continue to wear albinegro, as he declared to AS. We talk to him and he tells us the challenges that, to his 40 years, still want to get over.

First of all, congratulations on the campaign. Did you expect it to be like this?

Thanks. I hoped not to go through the troubles of last year, which we suffered more than necessary. This course we had a better team and we have been above expectations, we were fighting for the playoff for many days.

Do you have a bittersweet taste for not being until the end in the fight for sixth place?

Yes. Although we didn’t think about fighting for that goal, we felt like it as the competition went on. But I think that in the end the note is very good. I would give the team a nine, because you can always improve. The important thing is that we have not suffered to achieve salvation.

With another dynamic away from home, the story would have been different.

Sure. We have not been regular. It has been a pity. We have failed outside and it has subtracted us a lot.

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Photo by Ruben Castro

Once again you have surpassed the number of the previous season (19) and now you have 20. How do you feel?

It was my goal, I always try to overcome what I did the previous year. I knew it was going to be difficult, but I did it. Scoring 20 goals is not easy at all and I’m happy about it.

In the final stretch there was a small goalscoring drought. Did he think his goal eluded him?

Yes, I went two months without scoring and it was difficult for me to match the 19 goals and reach 20. But I knew that it could happen until the last game, I had to try and it happened. Until the competition is over, everything is possible.

Did you ask Carrión not to trade you against SD Amorebieta?

The coach talked to me and told me that I was going to endure all the games to achieve my goal. That made me calmer and finally, with three goals that day, I fulfilled it. My colleagues also helped me, it is something that is always done. We all try to help when a colleague needs it. I want to thank them and Carrión.

Shield/Flag Cartagena

Next year for 21 goals?

It’s too much! And more at my age! I don’t know, I want to improve myself, but going past 20 goals at 41 years old is going to be complicated. I’m going to try it, you never know. We are going to give ourselves that challenge.

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Will he do it in albinegro?

I think so, I feel comfortable at the club, my family is happy here. Everything indicates that I will continue another year in Cartagena. The club wants me and I want to be. The most normal thing would be to continue. I am in an entity that wants to grow, that takes a step forward every year and I would like to do it with them. There is nothing signed, but everything indicates that I will continue.

To continue or not, does it depend on the project, whether an offer from the First Division arrives…?

We all want to play in the First Division, the best players are there. But I think it’s too far for me. I wish I could play in the top flight again, it’s where we all want to be. But, like I said, it’s a bit far for me.

He has 278 goals in his career. Do you remember everyone? Any special?

No, it is impossible, there are many. The most important for me is the one I did with Real Betis against AD Alcorcón, which served to promote us to the First Division. I highlight him for everything it meant to return to the top flight, he was key for the club. From my time at FC Cartagena I keep the one I did against SD Amorebieta in the first round. He was a Chilean and he’s the only one I did like that.

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Any other goal for Rubén Castro?

Yes, several. But the most important is that I want to be the top national scorer in professional football. I have six left to beat Quini (283) and I hope to do it next season. That is why I will continue to be active for another year.


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