Cazorla does not rule out a return to Spain: “I do not close doors”

Cazorla no descarta un regreso a España: "No me cierro puertas"

Santi Cazorla is a living legend of Spanish football. The Asturian grew up in the Oviedo quarry, but ended up standing out between Recreativo de Huelva and Villarreal, a team that signed him from his native Asturias for their subsidiary. Later, Lugo de Llanera was one of the stars of LaLiga and of the best cycle of Málaga de Al-Thani. He attracted attention and signed for Arsenal, where he shone but was hampered by a major tendon injury.

In 2018, Cazorla returned to Vila-real and once again showed that he had more than enough football left and in 2020 he headed to Qatar’s Al-Sadd to train under his former teammate in La Roja, Xavi Hernández. After a brief period in Qatar, Cazorla ends his contract and leaves the door open for a return to Spanish football in his interview with Manu Carreño in El Larguero on Cadena SER.

“My contract ends this month, I’m waiting to see if they tell me something. Let’s see what options come up. I still look good, I want to continue enjoying myself and I want to see what the future holds for me until my body tells me enough. I still feel fine today. I go year after year and it cannot be that Joaquín retires later than me. Every time I see him I tell him that it seems that the years do not pass by him. In the end the body is responding to us and as long as we see ourselves as important in a team… I do not close doors, I will see what the future holds for me. Let’s see what I have on the table. I don’t rule out anything,” assured the Spaniard.

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Carreño asked him about a possible return to Oviedo or Villarreal and Cazorla insisted on the same message, leaving the door open to return to wearing the blue of the carbayones. “I don’t rule out anything at all. I want to continue playing football and being important. I have affection for all the clubs where I have been. The Villarreal is a special place: I grew up when I was 18 years old, when I had the injury the doors opened for me, it is a very special club for me. This year they have had a great Champions League. I’m glad things are going well for them,” he added.

The midfielder, who at the time was very close to signing for Real Madrid, also spoke about the whites’ recent success in the Champions League by winning the Fourteenth against Liverpool. “You don’t have to say anything to Real Madrid, just thumbs up. It’s no coincidence: a lot of people talk about luck and that’s not it. I have played against them and they shoot the goal at you in two minutes. Congratulate them, fair winners “, he sentenced.

These were the rest of Santi Cazorla’s statements in his interview in El Larguero

End of season: “We’ve finished the season, I’m going to Spain to unwind and see what the future holds. There’s nothing like Spain. The experience in Qatar is very nice, but give me what’s at home. Let’s recharge batteries”

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Temperature in Qatar: “Here we are at 34º, more or less. During the day it goes up to 44 and now at night it cools down a bit more. In July August it starts to be difficult, especially during the day”

Would a World Cup in summer be possible?: “The stadiums are trained, but for the spectator it would be unthinkable. You are sweating all the time and for that the best thing is to do it in November”

Your season: “It is my second season and the truth is that I am happy. The first year we won all the local competitions, we have been undefeated until recently. In the Cup they eliminated us in the semis and where we have not been well is in the Champions League, they eliminated us “

your injury: “It is a completely closed chapter. I am feeling very well. I hope that the injuries respect me and continue to extend my career”

Change from Xavi to Javi Gracia: “They are different styles. It is clear that Javi knew less about the culture, it is what has cost him the most: getting to know the league and the players. We have tried to help him as much as we can. He is also waiting to see what happens with your future

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Qatari national team: “Yes, the foreigners give him a plus. Now there is Javi Martínez, James Rodríguez. That gives him quality and the locals are improving, the team has the level to do things well in the World Cup. They also want to increase the number of foreigners”

World Cup atmosphere: “Not much on the streets, but in the country they are focused on the World Cup. It’s the only thing that matters to them. It shows: you see posters, flags… There is a World Cup atmosphere”

Bad press from Qatar: “I don’t listen to those things. I recommend seeing the country before speaking. On a day-to-day basis I don’t hear anyone talk about it. It is a country that also has good things. When people come they will have reason to judge”

Spain level: “I am very optimistic, we have a great team and a spectacular coach. It is clear that the World Cup is very complicated: you can hardly make any mistakes but we have to be optimistic”

Luis Enrique and if he asked him about his continuity: “I didn’t even ask him. I wished him the best and we exchanged opinions. I really liked meeting him and it gave me a very good feeling”

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