Celta is looking for two big sales

El Celta busca dos grandes ventas

Celta is looking for two big sales

Since the transfer of Stanislav Lobotka to Napoli in January 2020, the Celtic He has not closed a great deal again in the departure chapter. For this summer the 3 million euros that Getafe will pay for Okay Yokuslubut in To Headquarters they want so much more. The club has set itself a goal for the coming months achieve two important sales to finance the reconstruction of the workforce.

Taking a look at the small group of players he directs Edward Coudet There are not too many doubts regarding the footballers who can help the olive entity to make money. By age and projection the pupils of the Chacho that enjoy the best market are Javi Galán, Joseph Aidoo, Fran Beltrán, Renato Tapia and Brais Méndez. Considering the data of the Olocip Artificial Intelligencethe most succulent sales economically would be those of the youth squad and the Peruvian pivot.

The AI ​​gives Brais a market value of 20.7 million euros and Tapia, 14.3. Very close to the price of the Lima midfielder is Beltrán’s, the footballer who has ousted him from ownership, with 13.9 ‘kilos’. The figures fall quite a bit in the case of defenders: to Galanwith suitors like Barcelona, is priced at 7.3 and Aidoo, 5.

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If the departure of any of these players materializes, a chapter of casualties that already has two illustrious names would be expanded. Santi Mina he is separated from the squad due to the conviction of sexual abuse and if he is not acquitted he will not wear the Celta shirt again, while Denis Suarez will play this saturday Mestalla his last meeting as a celestial. The goodbye of the midfielder, irreversible decision adopted by the president Carlos Mourinowill mean little or no income.


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