CELTIC 1 – ELCHE 0 | The last kiss of Denis Suarez

CELTIC 1 - ELCHE 0 |  The last kiss of Denis Suarez

Alaídos applauded Denis at his last dance. There will be no more dances by the midfielder on the olive turf because of his conflict with Mouriño. Either he leaves this summer or he will go to the stands, but he will not play in light blue again. His stage closes with another superb performance and a goal with a message. Suárez stabbed Casilla after a brilliant cross from Aspas and the celebration had equal parts rage and emotion. Heavy and classical music. She let out her anger with a punch in the air, then kissed the shield with the delicacy of a teenager.

Celtic Shield/Flag

From then on, Denis insisted on looking for Aspas’ goal, just like all his teammates. The moañés had several occasions, but Casilla insisted again and again on the role of his executioner. With the left, with the right, with a heel… He tried it in every way, but the goal did not come. And when he arrived, it was not worth it because Galhardo, his assistant, was offside. She ended up laughing out of sheer irony.

Elche appeared at half throttle, playing tran tran, with an intensity more typical of a summer friendly than a League match. The lack of need made them lower their arms, but they still had an opportunity to tie. He went in a corner, in a rejection that fell to Raúl Guti in the front and he impaled without respite. Dituro was attentive to deflect the ball.

Shield/Flag Elche

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The game did not end with the referee’s final whistle. Rather, on the contrary, the most remarkable thing began then. Nolito received his well-deserved tribute in his goodbye to Celta after 181 games spread over two stages, in which he scored 52 goals and 31 assists. The person in charge of presenting it was the president, Carlos Mouriño, who received a loud whistle from the celestial publicwho does not forgive him for his cruelty with Denis.


Ezekiel Ponce (60′, Piatti), Tete Morente (61′, Guido Carrillo), Renato Tapia (61′, Kevin Vazquez), Carlos Dominguez (62′, Augusto Solari), Gabriel Vega (65′, Fran Beltran), Shepherd (74′, Gumbau), Raul Guti (74′, Kike), Omar Mascarell (84′, Marcone), Jose Fontan (89′, Thiago Galhardo)


1-0, 8′: Denis Suarez


Referee: Mario Melero Lopez
VAR Referee: Adrián Cordero Vega
Javier Galan (55′, Yellow) Renato Tapia (72′, Yellow) Marcone (80′, Yellow) Tete Morente (92′, Yellow


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