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CEO of Alphabet, parent of Google: "We are definitely looking at Blockchain" - DiarioBitcoin For Hannah Perez

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google’s parent company, revealed that they are looking closely at Web3 and the blockchain. “We want to be in favor of innovation.”


Alphabetthe parent company of Google which develops internet products and services, software and technology, is closely following the space blockchain and the growing developments around Web3.

The company’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, made his first comments on the latest technology trend, admitting that Alphabet is interested in moving in that direction. Pichai said the company is looking at how it can add value to this breakthrough that many of its Silicon Valley peers are already working on.

Whenever there is innovation, I find it excitingthe CEO said of the technology underlying digital currencies during an earnings call from Alphabet.I think it’s something we want to support as best we can.“, and I add:

The web has always evolved and will continue to evolve, and like Google, we have benefited greatly from open source technologies, so we plan to contribute there.

Interest in Web3 and Blockchain

In recent months, investors have begun to show great interest in Web3, a term that refers to an evolution of the Internet built around blockchain, cryptocurrencies and digital property. Meanwhile, big tech companies like Goal (before Facebook), block Y Twitter have revamped their strategies to focus on digital assets.

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When asked about how he sees Alphabet the Web3, Pichai pointed out that there are several “areas of interest” to the company. He mentioned augmented reality as an example, pointing to plans to bring key services to Google to any virtual world that people may use in the future. He added that the company is also examining how it can use blockchain technology to power computing layers and services. Youtube Y Google Maps.

We are definitely looking at Blockchain. It is such an interesting and powerful technology with wide applications.

In this line of ideas, Pichai said that Google Cloudthe subsidiary of Alphabet of cloud storage service, are you looking for support customer needs” via platforms based on blockchain. The comment appears to reference the recent formation of a group focused on digital currencies and blockchain.

Google Cloud announced the new team last week, highlighting that the intention is “support companies in the ecosystem of digital assets / Blockchain“. The company also indicated at the time that it is evaluating the possibility of allowing its customers to pay and make payments with cryptocurrencies.

Technology will continue to evolve and innovate, and we want to be pro-innovation and approach it that way.Pichai added.

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Google opens up to cryptocurrencies

Statements from the CEO of Alphabet come after other comments from executives of Google which suggest the company is taking a renewed approach around digital assets.

Googlewhich has shunned cryptocurrencies in the past, recently hired former exec of PayPalArnold Goldberg to push for a new financial services strategy that could include cryptocurrencies. He also announced that he has partnered with companies in the crypto industry, Coinbase Global Inc. Y BitPay Inc., to store crypto assets on digital cards.

Meanwhile, other subsidiaries such as Google Cloud Y Youtube have also shown interest in this sector. While the cloud service has launched its own dedicated crypto team, the video platform is keeping a close eye on the trend of tokens non-expendable (NFT). The CEO of YoutubeSusan Wojcicki, announced a few days ago that the company, owned by Alphabetis exploring the possibility of integrating NFT features as a way to provide monetization tools to its creators.

Everything seems to indicate that Google is looking to take a more open approach to cryptocurrencies in the near future.

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