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CEO of Electronic Arts describes NFTs as "an important part of the future of the video game industry" - DiarioBitcoin By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

Although it is not very clear how the NFT within EA, the manager assured that these could generate a greater integration between the players and the titles.


The CEO of the video game developer company Electronic Arts (EA), Andrew Wilson, assured that there is a lot of potential for the sector within the space of NFT, calling it “an important part of the future of the industry” hand in hand with games of the type Play to Earn.

Wilson’s remarks came during a quarterly earnings call presented for the company, where Wilson shared some thoughts on the boom in sales. NFT and its possible role within the traditional video game industry.

In this regard, when Wilson spoke about the NFT, commented:

“I think the play to see if the NFTs will be the winners or not is still very early… At some level, there is already a lot of publicity about it… I think they will be an important part of the future of our industry in the future. But, it is still too early to find out how this is going to work. “

A place for NFTs within EA

According to Wilson, the figure collectibles are handled in games of EA What FIFA and Madden NFL, in which players gather digital cards in the game that can be very valuable, a model that has been very successful within such titles. However, these articles would be exclusively linked to each game, so they are not part of a larger ecosystem that integrates other titles of said franchises.

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This operation is far from what we see in games like Axie Infinity and others of the same type, where the items would become tokens NFT that can be marketed or exchanged outside of the title, opening the space to be portrayed to other spaces in the face of expectations about the metaverse.

Although Wilson did not delve into the way in which EA could implement the NFT Within its most successful franchises or in new titles, what did appear is that the ownership of said tokenized collectibles could have a very good impact among players, establishing a much deeper commitment between them and the titles they enjoy:

“Anything that attracts more people and engages them for longer in the entertainment context … I think it will be a good thing over time … I think that’s the very foundation of our live services.”Wilson noted.

NFTs and the video game industry

While there remains the question of how EA would address the issue of NFT In its gaming ecosystem, companies like Ubisoft have already done some tests with digital collectibles, even supporting various work teams within the area to carry out their projects. Among the latter, its participation in the financing round organized by Animoca Brands, in which the company raised about USD $ 65 million.

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On the other hand, there are participants within the video game sector who do not want to open the door to NFT already technology Blockchain, at least for now. Such is the case of Steam, the company that sells games for PC, which recently prohibited developers from publishing games that make use of the aforementioned elements on its platform.

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