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Chainalysis reveals that despite the increase seen in 2021, there are few illicit transactions with cryptocurrencies - DiarioBitcoin For Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

Despite the fact that some USD $ 14,000 million are identified linked to illicit transactions during 2021, Chainalysis indicates this figure is just 0.15% of all crypto capital that moved throughout that year.


A new report published by the analysis firm Blockchain, Chainalysis, reveals that despite the fact that crypto transactions related to criminal activities increased notably in 2021, they still represent only a tiny portion of all those that took place throughout that same year.

Illicit transactions increased, but proportionally still low

The precision came to the fore in a new report published by Chainalysis via its official blog titled “Crypto Crime Trends for 2022: Illicit Transaction Activity Reaches All-Time High in Value, All-Time Low in Share of All Cryptocurrency Activity”, in which he details some details about the illicit activities related to crypto transactions, making it clear that despite the increase, this is still not the most popular vehicle to perpetrate this type of act.

Referring to illegal transactions, Chainalysis details that the volume of operations related to criminal activities reached a new record equivalent to USD $ 14,000 million during 2021, a figure that increased 79% compared to what was seen in 2020. Obviously this reflects a rebound in the amounts of capital mobilized through of these systems by bad actors.

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However, the most important precision made by Chainalysis is that, just as illicit transactions increased, so did operations in general, the latter being the ones that increased the most. In this regard, the study revealed that activity through Blockchain with cryptocurrencies increased 567% compared to last year, revealing a greater participation by users and operators.

When contrasting the amount of illicit capital that was moved with cryptocurrencies against the growth reported in general, this leaves only 0.15% of transactions with digital currencies linked to criminal activities, a figure that appears as the lowest rate since 2017.

Interesting perspective

Faced with this fact, Chainalysis concludes that the growth rate of legitimate crypto transactions far exceeds those linked to criminal activities, further rejecting the thesis that these assets are preferred by criminals to operate.

Keep in mind that although cryptocurrencies offer the freedom to transfer funds across borders almost instantaneously, the use of these assets and technology Blockchain it also brings greater transparency in data management, as well as immutable records of all operations through the various networks. It is worth noting that despite the fact that there is a certain pseudo-anonymity in the handling of digital currencies, security organizations are increasingly developing more tools to be able to monitor transactions.

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Regarding illicit activities, the report highlights that most of the funds linked to crimes were associated with scams (USD $ 7.8 billion) and robberies in protocols DeFi (USD $ 3,200 million). By last, Chainalysis indicates that this data may change / increase as there is more information on new modalities, although at the moment these are far from being the main trend within the crypto ecosystem.

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