Champions | Kroos dictates sentence: “We were better than City”

Kroos dicta sentencia: "Fuimos mejores que el City"

There were not a few who criticized Real Madrid’s pass to the Champions League final as unfair after overcoming the tie in the final stretch of the second leg against Manchester City. One of them was former Danish goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel, who did not hesitate to say that “Real Madrid has no right to be in the final”. Toni Kroos, midfielder for the Madrid team who was on the pitch at the Bernabéu during the agonizing comeback, He does not share his opinion, as he made it clear in the Einfach mal luppen podcast that he shares with his brother Felix.

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“In the three ties (PSG, Chelsea and City) we can discuss which team was the best for 180 minutes, but what really makes us stand out is that we never stop, we never give up”, explained the German midfielder, adding that it is something that intimidates any team that faces Real Madrid in the Champions League: “After City’s goal, we didn’t have endless chances. It was those last five minutes in which, at 1-1, the tie suddenly opened again. The faith was there, the stadium too and it was 2-1. From that moment on, we realized that all this was in the rival’s heads.”

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According to Kroos, Real Madrid had a “really good game. We were better. City had the opportunity to eliminate us, they had chances to make it 0-2 that would have sentenced us. But they didn’t. It was a great week, perhaps one of the most beautiful of my time at Real Madrid”. Hearing the emotion in Toni’s words, Felix asked him if it was because he is already in the final stretch of his which the world champion with the Mannschaft in 2014 responded bluntly: “It may be, not that I can deny it.” Kroos’ contract expires in 2023.

The Real Madrid midfielder also addressed one of the hottest topics currently in Germany. The party of the Bayern players to celebrate the Bundesliga title in Ibiza after the defeat against Mainz continues to bring tail. That is why the former Bayern player has offered his vision of the matter: “I think it’s good that they did it despite the defeat in Mainz. Today people from outside, especially the media, believe that they can dictate to the elderly what to do on their days off,” he explains.


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