Champions League | Kroos explodes: “I don’t give a f*****”

Champions League |  Kroos explodes: "I don't give a f*****"

The mess between Toni Kroos and a journalist as soon as the final of the Champions League with a victory for Real Madrid continues to cause talk in Germany. The white midfielder stood up to a reporter when he asked him if he had been surprised that his team had suffered so much during the 90 minutes against Liverpool. Kroos got pissed off, replied that he had had “90 minutes and you only come up with shitty questions” and interrupted the interview. Now, the soccer player expressed his point of view after what happened in the podcast that he shares with his brother Felix “Einfach mal luppen”.

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“At the time I was just pissed off. I was pissed off at him.”said the 32-year-old, explaining once again what he had already said during the short interview and what had been obvious to all the spectators: “Of course we had to go through two or three pressure phases, I also told him when you asked the question. But that’s normal. What are you waiting for? That we dominate Liverpool for 90 minutes? They are a world class team. We had to beat them and that’s what we did.”

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Kroos did not agree with the way the interview was planned. “You can ask, ‘How did you watch the game? I wouldn’t have said we put them up against the wall from the first minute to the 90th minute,'” he added. “I am the first to say that it was a close game and that Liverpool probably had a few more chances. But we won the game, like in recent months. But instead I wanted to hear that we won unfairly. I don’t give a shit in a final, you have to win it.”.

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