Change for HomePod and macOS 12.2 (RC)

macOS Monterey 12.2

Along with iOS 15.3 RC, Apple just released macOS Monterey in its version 12.2 release candidate only for developers at this time. This could be the last test grind before a final edition release for the general public, if Cupertino follows its usual pattern of updates.

It’s unclear exactly what macOS 12.2 (RC) contains because the release notes provided by the publisher are, once again, quite vague. The first to have tried it, however, seem to assure that the scrolling on screen ProMotion is now more fluid, as noticed before, while the Apple Music platform abandons the webapp.

The HomePod for new countries

Apple has also chosen to update its speakers to version 15.3 RC of their operating system. On the menu, the rmulti-user voice recognition for India and Italy with English language, but again for developers only for now. The others should wait a few more days to qualify, minus any technical incidents.

Of course, as often, Apple also specifies that it has made stability and “performance” but without detailing the content.

No sign of the arrival of French in a few additional regions of Europe, however, despite some indications in its favour.

Apple HomePod

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