Health Changes In Body After Pregnancy

Changes In Body After Pregnancy


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Having a baby is one of the greatest joys that a family and especially a woman can have.

However, while everyone celebrates the arrival of the new member to the family, the woman has to face the multiple psychological and physical changes that stop being pregnant entails.

It is necessary to know what happens in the body after pregnancy and the care that must be taken after delivery or a cesarean section.

Physiological changes after pregnancy

Regardless of the birth route of your baby, the first thing that occurs is the involution of the uterus that occurs in the first 12-24 hours and is at the level of your umbilical scar.

The uterus will gradually decrease in size but it will not be until after a year when it will return to the dimensions similar to those it had before pregnancy. And if it was a cesarean delivery, it will take about two years to heal.

Changes in breast milk

As for breastfeeding, in the first 4 days, this discharge is yellow and thick, and it is normal, it is colostrum.

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Between 5-12 days after delivery, the milk is transitional with a grayish or bluish coloration. and from 10-15 days onwards it is a whitish and thick secretion, this is mature milk.

The composition of breast milk is ideal from birth for each stage of the baby as it contains different nutrients necessary for proper development.

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The decision regarding breastfeeding time depends on the mother and various circumstances, the first three months being necessary, desired up to 6 months and beneficial for up to a year or more, already supplemented with other foods.

Benefits of breastfeeding

Transvaginal bleeding

Transvaginal bleeding in women after childbirth is a concern for some women.

It is the bleeding that comes from the uterus when the connection between the uterus and the placenta is broken and we call it lochia. Initially, they are red for 2-3 days, then serous for a week, and later whitish for up to 3 weeks.

You must ensure that they are of these characteristics, that they do not have a bad smell, without pain in the lower abdomen or increase in temperature, even fever, all this to rule out a Puerperal Infection, for example, Endometritis.

Weight loss in the mother

Weight loss after childbirth is innate when the baby is born and the placenta, the amniotic fluid is expelled, as well as the bleeding that is experienced.

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It is expected that approximately 10-12 pounds (5-6 kg) will be lost after the baby is born and another 4 pounds (2 kg) in the next two weeks, as well as 2 pounds (1 kg) per week thereafter, much of This depends on the activity of the mother and her diet and how much weight she has gained during her pregnancy and if she is breastfeeding her baby, as this favors weight loss.

Recommendations for a woman who is in the Puerperium:

  • Relative rest the first week postpartum.
  • Start of ambulation (walking) in the first 8-24 hours to stimulate the digestive and urinary tract and reduce the risk of thrombosis.
  • Soft diet as indicated by the Doctor during and after hospitalization.
  • Genital cleaning with soap and water.
  • Care for the cesarean section or episiotomy scar: check that it is not red, painful, or with an increase in temperature and that it does not have discharge.
  • Constant breast massage, as well as hot nurturing, nipple cleaning before and after feeding the baby, watching the nipples, do not crack, or the discharge has a bad smell, there is a lot of pain.
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Knowing the normal physiological changes that occur after delivery or cesarean section gives women confidence during this process and will allow them to enjoy this stage.

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