11 Cheapest Countries to Live and Work in

Cheapest Countries to Live

Tired of being cooped up in a room and daydreaming of traveling again? That seems difficult until a vaccine for Covid-19 is discovered. However, you can take some time out of your mundane WFH schedule and scroll through the extraordinary places you can live and work in. These places are not extraordinary for its extravagant natural beauty but for being the cheapest, yes, the cheapest countries in the world to live and work in.

We know the pandemic must have dried up your savings. But these 11 cheapest countries in the world are the places where you can comfortably survive on $1000. Sounds unbelievable right? Scroll through the cheapest places, find your best bet and start your visa process.

Visiting a country just as a tourist is a cliche, you should take one step ahead. Rather than planning your retirement, you should shortlist a country to settle in from the 11 cheapest countries in the world to live in. 

Almost everyone has got a knack of working remotely due to Covid-19, then why not work amidst Amazon or from a house with a beach view? Makes you ecstatic right? Then I am sure you will finalize a place by the time you reach the end of the blog.

Cheapest Countries To Live And Work In 


Vietnam would be any ex-pats’ first choice when it comes to choosing the cheapest country in the world. The 331,211.6 square kilometers large Vietnam is located on the eastern edge of the Indochina peninsula in Southeast China. It shares its borders with China, Laos, and Cambodia. 

Cheapest Countries To Live

Before moving in, you would want to know the weather conditions of the place. Northern Vietnam has a tropical climate zone. January is the coldest month of the year, winter season is generally from November to April in northern Vietnam. Generally, February and March see monsoon, and summers are from May to October accompanied by heat and rainfall. Whereas, southern and central Vietnam sees monsoon from June to November and is comparatively dry between December and April. 

  • Official language: Vietnamese
  • Currency: Vietnamese dong 
  • 1 USD equals 23,176 Vietnamese dong 

Cost of living in Vietnam 

The average cost of living in Vietnam is around $1,000. The cost for a high-end lifestyle being around $1,400 and $700 on the lower side. The country’s capital Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are the most expensive cities to live in Vietnam. 

Average expenses under various heads include rent, ranging between $400 to $900, electricity $80, approximately $60 for transportation, leisure cost might reach up to $300, groceries costing $100 and mobile with data $3. 

Popular Jobs in Vietnam

  • Foreign Language Instructor 
  • Advertising and Marketing 
  • Acting and Modelling 


Bolivia, a country located in the west-central of South America, is one of the cheapest countries to live in SA (South America). Interestingly, the north and east side of the border is shared with Brazil, southeast by Paraguay, south with Argentina, southwest, and west with Chile, and northwest with Peru.

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Cheapest Countries To Live
  • Official Language: Spanish. 
  • As many as 36 recognized indigenous languages spoken across the country. 
  • Currency: Boliviano 
  • 1 USD equals 6.91 Bolivian Boliviano 

Cost Of Living In Bolivia

The monthly average cost in Bolivia is around $1500, with rent costing $400, the internet will take away your $30, public transport in Bolivia will cost you $50. Necessities like groceries will cost you $350 and another $350 for dining out and entertainment. 

Popular Jobs In Bolivia

  • English teaching 


Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country, which lies to the north of the Equator. Malaysia is divided into two regions: Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is the national capital of Malaysia. It shares its borders with Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. 

11 Cheapest Countries to Live and Work in

The weather in the country is majorly tropical round the year with quite a humidity. Mild temperatures are maintained throughout the year while temperatures at the highlands are lower. 

  • Official language: Malaysian language (Malay)
  • Currency: Malaysian ringgit
  • 1 USD equals to 4.19 Malaysian ringgit

Cost Of Living In Malaysia 

Your monthly cost of living will range around $700 to $950. Yes, under $1000, so affordable right? A well-furnished home in a central location will cost you $450 to $600, utility expenses will reach $47, monthly transportation pass costs between $30 to $35 and restaurant food would cost you $12 to $24. 

You might not be surprised to know that expats first choice to settle in Malaysia, one of the many cheapest country is Kuala Lumpur, followed by Penang. 

Popular Jobs In Malaysia 

  • IT and engineering 
  • Teaching and banking 
  • Finance sector 

Costa Rica

Apart from being one of the cheapest countries to live in, Costa Rica is considered one of the most beautiful havens in the world. A country that has beauty in abundance, its people are commonly known as ‘Ticos’ are known for big hearts. You will often hear the word ‘Pura Vida’ which means pure life. No wonder, with such encompassing beauty of this marvel, you are bound to have a pure life. 

11 Cheapest Countries to Live and Work in

Costa Rica is also known for its eternal spring and is a tropical paradise. The climate is generally dry between December to April while May to November sees rain. Since it falls near the proximity of the equator, you will experience several microclimates that differ depending upon the geographical location you are in. The temperature is generally low in highlands.  

Costa Rica shares its borders with Nicaragua in the north and Panama in the south and shares coastlines with the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. 

  • Official Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Costa Rican colon 
  • 1 USD equals to 595.09 Costa Rican Colon

Cost Of Living In Costa Rica

A one-bedroom rented apartment will cost barely $500 per month and your average monthly expense will be easily under $1200. You might have to pay extra for hot water and air conditioning services as several apartments do not offer it. Meals at ‘sodas’, a common name for small eateries will cost $7, whereas dining out at restaurants may cost $20. Public transportation is just worth $0.69 a ride. 

Popular Jobs In Costa Rica 

  • English teaching jobs
  • Voluntary work 
  • Tourism 


Located in the southern part of North America, Mexico shares its borders with the United States from the north side, the Pacific Ocean from west and south side, from the east by the Gulf of Mexico and the southeast border is shared with Belize, Guatemala and the Carribean Sea. 

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11 Cheapest Countries to Live and Work in

The weather conditions are a mix of rainy and dry seasons with temperature variations in each season. The temperature in Mexico hovers between 50 degrees F and 90 degrees F around the year. 

  • National language: Spanish 
  • Currency: Mexican Peso
  • 1 USD equals to 22.36 Mexican Peso 

Cost Of Living In Mexico 

Average monthly expense of living in Mexico would be anywhere between $700 to $2000. Extra utilities will cost around $103 whereas eating out at a restaurant will cost you around $24. Public transportation is inexpensive in Mexico with monthly train passes costing $23. 

Popular jobs in Mexico

  • Foreign Language Instructor
  • Teleworking
  • Corporate Employment 


Ecuador is located in northwestern South America. Since the country is right on the equator, the country experiences a humid tropical climate. It shares borders with Colombia in the north, Peru on the east and south, and the Pacific Ocean on the west. 

11 Cheapest Countries to Live and Work in
  • Currency: US Dollar 
  • Official language: Spanish

Cost of living in Ecuador 

The average monthly expense would fall anywhere between $1400 to $2,000. Public transportation $25 and utilities costing $25. Eating outside food might burn a pocket in your hole as it may take away your $500. Cost of living in Ecuador is cheaper than in 68% of the countries in the world. 

Popular jobs in Ecuador

  • English teaching
  • Tourism industry
  • Volunteer work


Not just a land of snake charmers, but a land of opportunities too. So much so that India is also considered one of the cheapest countries to live in. It is located in Southern Asia, sharing its borders with China, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bhutan on the north side and on the eastern side with Bangladesh and Myanmar. From the south, India shares its boundary with the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal.

Cheapest countries to live

The climate in India is different in each state, the reason it is considered one of the most climatically diverse countries in the world. 

  • Currency: Indian Rupee
  • Official Language: Hindi
  • 1 USD equals to 74.92 Indian Rupee

Cost of living in India

The cost of living changes with each corner of the country. Housing expenses can range anywhere from $500 to $1200 depending on the place or city of residence. The general rent in India is 85% less than in the United States. Outside food in a decent restaurant for two in a city like Mumbai would cost $25. Even though public transport in India is overcrowded, it is affordable. A monthly pass will cost you only $20. 

Popular jobs in India

  • IT/Engineering
  • Tourism 
  • Sales


A major part of Colombia is situated in the northwest of South America. Some territories that fall within the boundaries of Central America. 

11 Cheapest Countries to Live and Work in

Along with being the cheapest country in the world, the weather condition of Colombia is favourable for expats as it is tropical and isothermal. Throughout the year, Colombia sees four different seasons due to its proximity with the equator. 

  • Official language: Spanish
  • Currency: Colombian peso
  • 1 USD equals 3789 Colombian pesos

Cost of living in Colombia

Expats monthly expense would be $1000 to $2500 including household expenses, groceries, dining and transportation. Eating out will not be a burden on your pocket here as it is not likely to cost more than $20. While travelling in city buses will only cost you less than a dollar. How economical! 

Popular jobs in Colombia 

  • English teacher


Yet another country in South America is one of the cheapest countries to live in. The countries that border Peru are Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile and Brazil. 

11 Cheapest Countries to Live and Work in

If you love rains, this might not be the best place to live in. Peru does not have sufficient rainfall. But you have the option to choose from three different climates seen in Peru, a desert coastal strip that has a sober climate, foggy winters and pleasant summers. Another is an Andean zone which is generally cold and you will find a hot and humid climate throughout the year. 

  • One of the official languages: Spanish 
  • Currency: Sol
  • 1 USD equals 3.57 Sol
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Cost of living in Peru 

You will find real estate a tad expensive as compared to other necessities. House rent for two may cost you around $700, groceries around $400, dining out and other activities will cost you $150 and you may be charged $20 for taxis. Public transportation is accessible and economical in Peru. So, your total monthly expense would fall around $1800 considering other expenses too. 

Expats who are looking forward to good quality of life and modern amenities at affordable prices then Peru is the right choice.

Popular jobs in Peru

  • English language teacher
  • Tourism
  • International banking 


Thailand is not only one of the most favourite tourist destinations, but it also falls in the list of one of the cheapest countries in the world to live and work in. Thailand is located in the centre of mainland Southeast Asia. The country is bordered in the south-west by the Andaman sea, west and northwest by Myanmar, east and northeast by Lao PDR and south-east by Cambodia. 

11 Cheapest Countries to Live and Work in

You will experience hot summer in Thailand between March to mid-May, rainy season from mid-May to October and it will be comparatively colder from November to February. 

  • Official language: Thai 
  • Currency: Thai baht
  • 1 USD equals 31.11 Thai baht 

Cost of living in Thailand

The cost of living in Thailand would be anywhere around $600 to $750. The cost of rent and internet will cost $230, food $190, private transport $100 and dining out and entertainment cost at $75. 

Popular jobs in Thailand

  • Foreign Language Teacher
  • Hospitality industry
  • Scuba Diving Instructor


It seems Southeast Asia is the best region for expats to settle as it has quite a few cheapest countries in the world to live in. Cambodia, a country from Southeast Asia is also on the list. The country is bordered with Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and the Gulf of Thailand. 

11 Cheapest Countries to Live and Work in

If you are not fond of summer, this place might not be for you, as it is hot majority of the year in Cambodia. You will experience monsoon beginning from May to mid-November and the season is dry from mid-November to April. 

  • Official language: Khmer
  • Currency: Cambodian riel
  • 1 USD equals 4110 Cambodian riel

Cost of living in Cambodia

A two-bedroom apartment for a single person would be worth $380, electricity cost $92, groceries would cost around $230, entertainment cost would be as good as $191, and tuk-tuks (transportation) worth $38. Adding other utility expenses the tally would reach $1150 per month.

Popular jobs in Cambodia

  • English teacher
  • Internships 
  • Business 

Wrap up

With the economy constantly thriving, the list of cheapest countries in the world to live in keeps on changing. The cost of living in any country is never stagnant. For further detailed information on visa to live and work in these cheapest countries, you should visit the official website of the respective countries. 


  • The rate of each currency against USD is subject to change.  
  • The cost of living and the rents mentioned are approximate figures.
  • Cost of living figures majorly sourced from International Living.
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