Checked! A toxic relationship can hurt your heart

¡Comprobado! Una relación tóxica puede causarle daño a tu corazón


Having a relationship is not an easy matter. Love is like a roller coaster, sometimes you are up and in the blink of an eye, things have changed radically and it seems that everything is complicated and that it is unsustainable.

Those ups and downs are normal; what is not normal is that you are always down, in the middle of what is popularly described as a toxic relationship, where instead of good things, you only live in a negative environment, which causes psychological and physical damage.

According to a study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University, Having a relationship like this could cause severe damage to your heart. This is due to the high levels of stress that you can constantly be subjected to.

Constant arguments with your partner can cause prolonged episodes of nervousness and anxiety, which can trigger your blood pressure and heart rate to rise, the main causes of heart disease or a stroke.



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