Cheryshev, an announced goodbye that leaves a void in the locker room

Cheryshev, un adiós anunciado que deja un vacío en el vestuario

If there is someone who has lived in the first person the roller coaster that has been and is the Valencia of peter limthat is Denis Cheryshev. The Russian attacker arrived on loan from Madrid to the entity che in the winter 2016 with a Valencia upside down whose coach was Gary Neville, later he came back loaned in 2018 in a Valencia whose Champions project excited and finally the entity took over its property in 2019 and here he has lived the last years of sporting hardness in the entity.

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After all those emotions and experiencing all those different ‘Valencias’, Saturday’s was Denis’s last game with the elastic che. the russian international concluded his contract and closed like this triple stage in which he has disputed 122 matcheshas achieved a qualification for Champions and has raised a glass. Denis never managed to take over the starting role, but his work as internal competition meant that he got to play a significant number of games that could have been many, many more, if the injuries had spared him.

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The clear example is this same last campaign. Denis started the season as a starter and in the firsts four games he forced a penalty and gave an assist. His work was being spectacular, worthy of the player with his talent… But injury and subsequent relapse He took him away from the green for the next eight days… And his participation with the team began to fade.

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But beyond what Cheryshev has been able to contribute to the dressing room in the green, more important has been what he has contributed in the locker room. Denis is Russian by birth, but by character he almost fits more like a purebred Spaniard. The figure of him inside the locker room has been important, in fact he was in the group of Gayà, Soler, Jaume and company. Denis was always one of those more worried about the new signingsfor making them feel comfortable, as well as with the branch kids who went up to train. Their good vibes in the locker room brightened up an environment which in recent years has not always been ideal. Perhaps for this reason, after his goodbye message All the team players dedicated a few words of affection to him.

95 League games (96 with today), 122 in all competitions in these wonderful four years defending these colors that would not have been possible without each and every one of the members that make up this great family. I wanted to thank my teammates, the technical staff that I have had, the medical staff and all the workers of this great club. And above all thanks to the fans, you have always been with the team even in the hardest moments. I have tried to leave everything on the field, sometimes with more success and others with less, always trying to be honest with my work and helping my teammates as much as I could. Today I say goodbye to you with a heart full of gratitude for letting me be part of your story! Here always, one more @valenciacf Amunt fan!!! 🦇🧡🖤


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