Childcare and baby sitting: Choosing your Montessori babysitter

Childcare and baby sitting: Choosing your Montessori babysitter

Whether it is due to returning to work or for occasional needs, many parents must one day or another hire a babysitter to look after their child. Now, if you have made the choice to educate your toddler following the principles of Montessori pedagogy, you will certainly want your babysitter in front of the same. And it is possible, because there are indeed child minders who follow or are inspired by the Montessori spirit to occupy their little residents and offer them appropriate activities. Corn how to choose your babysitter ? Where to find the rare pearl? Read on, I’ll tell you everything.

How to choose your Montessori babysitter?

Determine the desired criteria regarding the respect of Montessori principles

Before even studying the different offers of sites dedicated to childcare or peeling the classifieds, take stock of what you want for your child. Do you want a Montessori babysitter who closely follows the principles of pedagogy and uses the material? Would you agree with someone who is inspired by Montessori, but who takes some liberties? Do you want this person to have had “formal” training or would a self-taught person be suitable for you as well? Without looking for the impossible, list what you think is essential concerning the respect of Montessori principles on the one hand and what would be desirable or optional on the other hand.

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Find out as much as possible about the skills and training of the babysitter

Now that you have listed what you want in terms of activities and education, you can start your research. If you go through a live ad, feel free to chat with the person about their background. Ask her how she was trained, since when she has applied Montessori principles and why not get some pictures of activities carried out with other children.

If you go through a personal services company, ask managers to find out how is the recruitment of their babysitters going? and how they verify their qualifications. Some agencies offer in-house training to become a babysitter. So be curious and ask in particular what is the content, the number of hours given and who are the speakers.

Where can I find a Montessori babysitter?

Go from person to person

As you probably know, you can find everything on classifieds sites, including childcare offers. However, a problem arises with this kind of platforms: it can be difficult to check the references of the person who is saying baby sitter.

To save yourself some tedious research, feel free to use social media and use word of mouth. Post your own ad, explain what kind of person you’re looking for, and let recommendations come from other parents in your area. You will save time and energy!

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Use the services of a babysitting agency

If you prefer to use the services of a babysitting agency (physical or online), remember to read the opinions and comments left on the Internet. It can also be interesting to know the point of view of the employees in relation to the company. On recruiting sites like Indeed, you can find reviews from current or former employees of the company depending on their region.

Whatever happens, it is always a good idea to speak with the babysitter directly, cross-reference the information and collect several opinions before making your choice.

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