chip shortage is expected to increase delivery times

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For many months now, the shortage of electronic chips has become glaring and penalizes manufacturers of telephones, computers, and even game consoles. The lack is clear and now affects the production of the iPhone 13 according to information from the American media Bloomberg.

Longer delivery times for Christmas?

Thus, the Cupertino company could reduce production by 10 million units by the end of the year. The company had planned to put 90 million of its new smartphones on the market but according to sources at the production partners of the Apple brand, the company is revising its estimate downwards. Our colleagues mention on this subject a smaller delivery of components from Broadcom and Texas Instruments.

Therefore, if this information is correct, we could expect longer delivery times for the iPhone 13, especially in the crucial holiday season, often conducive to the renewal of phones.

This is not the first time that the tech giant has faced this shortage. As recalled MacRumors, devices like MacBook Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iMac, MacBook Air, iPad Pro have already seen their shipping estimates increase in recent months.

So far, however, Apple seems to be holding up better than the competition. According to a Wave7 Research study published last September, 70% of listed US dealers reported stock shortages in August. Meanwhile, the Cupertino company appears to be scoring points and its market share in global deliveries rose 62% in the first quarter of 2021 from 53% a year earlier.

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In November 2020, problems with the regular supply of power management chips were also reported at the apple brand. This is a key element for new smartphones whose 5G connectivity is very energy intensive.

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