Chiquis Rivera takes off her bodysuit from her pants and models it on Instagram

Chiquis Rivera takes off her bodysuit from her pants and models it on Instagram

Chiquis Rivera takes off her bodysuit from her pants and models it on Instagram

The daughter of the late singer Jenni Rivera, Chiquis Rivera, does not stop showing off the new body that he has harvested in recent times. Whether she’s naked with mud all over her, getting anti-cellulite massages, or modeling outfits that leave little to her imagination, she always looks very sexy and explosive. Such is the case of a black bodysuit that was pulled out of the pants.

Without fear of anything, Chiquis Rivera she put on an outfit that at first seemed sporty. In fact, it is, but with a very urban touch as we already know that the Queen bee. Without fear of what they will say, Jenni Rivera’s daughter put on a high-cut bodysuit that left a lot of skin exposed, especially on the back and hips. With the garment outside her pants, the Mexican regional singer turned around and around.

Chiquis Rivera remains focused on looking better and feeling healthier. That’s why it’s not just your diet, aesthetic help and massages. Sport is beginning to be a constant in the life of the interpreter of “The honor“. He is climbing mountains and also cycling. New sport in which he is training Chiquis by the hand of his sentimental partner emilio sanchez.

Same with the one with more than a year. This relationship has been one of the most stable for Chiquis Rivera. Taking into account that the relationship began shortly after separating from Lorenzo Mendez and in the midst of all the legal battle between the two to get a divorce, this is a real achievement.

As to Lorenzo Mendez, he returned to give some statements about the divorce process as such. He says that he signed the first time and that he did not do it again thinking that this signature was enough. He has always said that he did not understand the legal process that should be followed and even assured in The fat and the skinnythat if it weren’t for that program, he doesn’t know that he was already divorced.

The good news is that this is already part of the past. Both singers are in the place they seem to want: he, single enjoying life without any commitment. She, happily in love with her and it is presumed that she is possibly looking for a baby, according to the last statements that she would have offered her friend Becky G in the Facebook Watch program of the same.

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