Chocolate Coffee and chia pudding Recipe

Chocolate Coffee And Chia Pudding Recipe

Chocolate Coffee And Chia Pudding are energetic, stimulating, and healthy. You can enjoy it as part of your breakfast, dessert, or a mid-day treat. It is full anti-inflammatory antioxidants, also has protein, fiber, and its ingredients they favor a weight loss diet.

It is stimulating thanks to the caffeine in coffee already theobromine in cocoa. We can feel more alert and in good spirits.

Each of its ingredients is a source of antioxidants with anti-inflammatory effects, protective of the heart, mitigating oxidative stress, prevent premature aging, and promote your memory, as reported by multiple publications from the Harvard School of Public Health.

Besides a good antioxidant load and giving you a little happiness, this pudding also provides you with important nutrients. Thanks to the chia you receive protein containing the nine essential amino acids, a fiber that supports digestion, and Omega 3 (Chia is the richest plant source of these fatty acids) that has shown a beneficial anti-inflammatory effect on cardiovascular health.

Chocolate Coffee And Chia Pudding Recipe


(2 servings)

  • 125 ml of coffee
  • 2 teaspoons of cocoa or 30 g of dark chocolate
  • 125 ml of milk
  • 40 g of honey
  • 4 tablespoons chia seeds
  • 40 grams of hazelnuts, almonds, or peanuts
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    1. Prepare the coffee to your liking, it can be soluble. Preferably without sugar.
    2. Add the cocoa or grated chocolate, milk, and honey to the coffee; stir.
    3. Add the chia seeds and stir again to integrate the ingredients well.
    4. Refrigerate your mixture for at least two hours. It will have taken on a thicker and smoother consistency thanks to the chia.

Recommendation: when buying chocolate opt for dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains up to 2-3 times more cocoa solids rich in flavanol than milk chocolate.

Do the ingredients in this pudding help you watch your weight?


Studies reveal that moderate coffee consumption can help you lose weight. Coffee increases metabolism with which more calories are burned and there is a decrease in body fat.


Chocolate should be consumed in moderation because it is relatively high in fat and calories, but in small amounts, it is your ally. Eating and smelling dark chocolate may reduce ghrelin levels, the hormone that stimulates hunger.

One study found that participants felt less hungry and more satisfied after eating dark chocolate. They also consumed 17% fewer calories at a subsequent meal. The researchers observed that chocolate consumers had a BMI (body mass index) lower than those who did not consume it.

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Chia fiber is primarily soluble fiber and mucilage, the sticky substance when the seeds get wet. The fibers in chia seeds can help lower LDL cholesterol and slow down digestion, thereby preventing spikes in blood sugar after eating and there is a feeling of satiety.


Walnuts, almonds, or peanuts provide protein, good fats, fiber, vitamins (such as Vitamin E), minerals, and antioxidants. They are healthy for the heart, give energy, and provide satiety. In independent research, they have shown that its moderate daily consumption favors weight loss.

The American Heart Association recommends a serving of a small handful o 1.5 ounces whole walnuts or 2 tablespoons of nut butter.

All the ingredients in Chocolate Coffee And Chia Pudding Recipe are healthy and the key to enjoying all its benefits is in moderation.

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