Choosing the right netlinking strategy to rank your website in SEO

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Netlinking, also called link building or external linking, is the strategy of acquiring links in SEO via backlinks. Theoretically, netlinking seems very easy to achieve, but its implementation requires a certain skill in order to boost its efficiency and make a website rank.

Prepare your website upstream

This is the first step in the realization of a netlinking strategy. This preparation involves the choice of keywords. These are words or expressions relating to the content of texts which must, in turn, respond to research by Internet users.

To choose the right keywords, you have the choice between several tools of which Semrush and Mangools are examples. You can target keywords with high usage volume if your budget is high enough.

Just remember that you will have to face significant competition with these keywords. If your budget is quite limited, your best bet is to exploit the long tail.

You should also be careful about the choice of landing pages. You should target the popular pages of the site or internal pages related to the theme.

For internal pages, they must also receive backlinks.

In case you don’t know how to do this, you can seek professional help which you can find on a site like

What is a backlink?

Example of diagram representing a netlinking strategy

The backlink or inbound link, also called an external link is a hypertext link intended to take an Internet user from one website to another.

It allows search engine robots to crawl the web and discover new pages. The backlink also allows them to discover the links between the sites. If the backlink occupies an important place in the natural referencing of a website, it is because it allows search engine robots to assess the popularity and relevance of its content and then position it on their results. research. You have to aim for as many backlinks as possible.

However, make sure that the external links also come from the pages of another site with a good reputation. Apart from the quality and the authority of the site producing the incoming link, also pay attention to other elements: the integration of the link which must be done in a natural way, the links present in the page that will host the link, the relevance text, etc.

The right criteria for choosing remote spots

For get quality backlinks, there are a few criteria to be based on when selecting remote spots.

You can start with the quality of the content on which to position the links.

Good quality content should contain enough semantics.

Also, a remote site that does not contain editorial content is immediately to be eliminated from your list.

The same goes for sites that have very little content, but have multiple outbound links.

You should also target a distant spot with its own SEO metrics. These metrics allow you to assess the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. Another criterion that must be evaluated is also the general theme of the site. Position your links only on sites dealing with themes relating to that of your website.

Google’s algorithms to analyze well

The Google algorithms update takes place constantly. Also, you should always pay a lot of attention to them and understanding them will help you choose your actions well.

Google has several algorithms that are involved in improving the relevance of search results and the natural referencing of your website.

Among those that require analysis to succeed in a netlinking strategy, there is the Panda algorithm which evaluates the quality of the content of your website.

For his part, Google penguin analyzes the quality of the profile of inbound links. These two filters are complementary and they occupy an important place in netlinking, because they can sanction certain pages of a website which have been the subject of abuse on outgoing artificial links.

Use a platform like

broken link netlinking strategy

Thanks to different netlinking platforms, it is now easier to connect a webmaster and influencers. Having a powerful network which intervenes to allow your website to be displayed in the right place, it allows you to develop the referencing of your site automatically. In addition, the location of your links varies depending on the targets, the content of the site’s pages, the keywords and the visitor profile to be favored.

The link baiting strategy

This SEO technique consists of creating content with high added value. This content will help push others to create natural links to the site that will host it. To attract links to your site, you must carry out a watch that will allow you to inform yourself about the novelties and the trends which you can be inspired by to create very good quality, unique and high added value content.

Get advice from a knowledgeable netlinking consultant Easy to do on paper, but quite complicated when you really get started, setting up a good netlinking strategy would be easier if you are in the company of an expert in matter.

A netlinking consultant can do the research for backlinks from quality sites for you. He is able to create a tailor-made netlinking strategy and the performance of the tools he will use will strengthen his skills to adapt the strategy to your site.

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