Chris Rock won’t talk about Will Smith slapping him until he gets paid to do it

Chris Rock won't talk about Will Smith slapping him until he gets paid to do it

Chris Rock.

Chris Rock.

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Several weeks after being hit by Will Smith at the award ceremony Oscar from the end of March, the comedian Chris Rock has given signs of how he feels, affirming that he will not speak more about the moment if he does not receive financial compensation.

According to the site TMZ -which in turn quotes an article from the Palm Springs Desert SunRock reportedly told the crowd at one of his live shows in Indio, CA, that he won’t talk about it anymore, presumably until someone pays an excessive amount. “I’m fine, I have a whole show and I’m not going to talk about it until I get paid. Life is good. I have my hearing back,” she joked.

It’s unclear if the former “Saturday Night Live” TV show star was simply joking around with her fans., but it seems that he has taken the moment with good humor. To say in the middle In recent days Chris has received some million dollar offers from US television networks for an exclusive interview in which he talks about the controversial moment he went through at the Academy Awards; however, so far nothing has come to fruition. On the night of March 27, Will Smith hit Chris Rock when he commented that he hoped to see his wife very soon. Jada Pinkett Smith -who suffers from alopecia- starring in the sequel to “G.I. Jane”the 1996 film for which Demi Moore he shaved his head.

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