Christian Nodal erases the “Utopia” tattoo that reminded him of Belinda and the change was radical

Christian Nodal erases the "Utopia" tattoo that reminded him of Belinda and the change was radical

Belinda / Christian Nodal.

Belinda / Christian Nodal.

Photo: Mezcaliente / Mezcaliente

Christian Nodal now he is ready to forget completely Belindaso this weekend he removed the tattoo of the word “Utopia” that he had on his foreheadand a flower was placed in its place.

A few days ago the interpreter of “Bottle after bottle” caused a stir on social networks by sharing a conversation he had with Belinda when they were still dating, in which he exposed the way he asked her for money, leaving behind any possibility of reconciliation as he did. revealed days before.

However, once again he has given something to talk about the same relationship that ended last February and was marked by a series of extravagant demonstrations of love, including several tattoos with which they swore eternal love.

And it is that this weekend, the native of Caborca, Sonora, took advantage of the series of presentations he had in Costa Rica to visit the tattoo studio called Samsara, where ended all traces of Belinda’s love by completely eliminating the design on her forehead with the word “Utopia”, which he covered with a pink flower and black details, including the heart that was also part of the original art. That was how she said a final goodbye to who was his fiancée.

Recall that one of the first tattoos he decided to remove was the one he had on the side of his right ear with the word “Beli”, which he replaced last February with a heart, a diamond, a clover and spades, figures that allude to the card game.

A month later, the tattoo artist Rafael Valdez confirmed that the interpreter forever removed Belinda’s eyes that she had engraved on her chest. But it was not until April when Nodal revealed what he did with her controversial tattoo.

I covered myself, I had some eyes here (on my chest) I covered them with wings and I made a complete design on the chest”, he revealed in an interview for the program ‘Venga la Alegría’.

As part of the same demonstrations of love, Belinda she placed her ex-boyfriend’s initials (CN) inside a heart on her ankle, while both decided to tattoo the number 4, which was significant for their relationship.

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