Christian Nodal reveals that there is a “black campaign” against him and sends a message to Belinda. Do you want to continue?

Christian Nodal reveals that there is a "black campaign" against him and sends a message to Belinda. Do you want to continue?

Christian Nodal / Belinda.

Christian Nodal / Belinda.

Photo: Mezcaliente / Mezcaliente

The sentimental life of Christian Nodal He has given a lot to talk about in recent days due to a series of messages he posted on social networks, in which he made it clear that he is not willing to continue enduring people’s ridicule, because despite being a public figure he has all the right to defend himself, but above all to express what he feels.

That is why, before the cameras of the program ‘Ventaneando’, the interpreter of songs such as “Bottle after bottle” and “We are not and will not be anymore” decided to speak for the first time about the reasons he had for exposing a conversation he had with Belinda when they were still dating, which he justified by ensuring that there is a black campaign against him.

“I can not go out to give interviews and be doing things to fuck the career or the lives of other people with black campaigns, I have been there and I have seen those things.”

Christian Nodal

It should be noted that this conversation was exposed to respond to the mother of the Spanish singer, who applauded whoever used the word “naco” in a derogatory way to refer to Nodal.

“I am a very real person, here it is not about man or woman, it is about human beings and souls, there are bad souls and there are good souls and when I say that having 20 years of career is not in vain, it is that they know how to do bad things and how to do good things”, he said after the concert he offered on June 4 at the Monumental Bullring in Morelia, Michoacán.

And he defended himself by arguing that there are people who spend their time hurting others, a situation that he is not willing to allow.

“My courage is that people do not know that I expose because I am real and I go direct. The fact that there are other people beating around the bush It does not mean that they are doing harm, that is the question,” he added.

Likewise, Christian Nodal sent a message to Belindain which he showed that there could no longer be a reconciliation, since there are situations that no longer have a solution.

“Nothing that I would like to follow the directionsand it is that You can’t anymore because a line has already been crossed and it was a relationship that like any other human being you give yourself and if things don’t go well you have to be aware of being able to fall into the nets “shared the 23-year-old singer.

Finally, he acknowledged that he has had to pay the consequences of his actions, which has not been easy and has reached rock bottom.

“Every time I have watered it, I have had to pay dearly for it and it has not been easy at all. I’m a human being too the fact that I do not express my ailments does not mean that I have not been in the destroyed apartment several times“, he pointed out.

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