Chyno Miranda’s ex, Natasha Araos, explodes on Instagram: “All that m * they talk about killing Jesus …”

Chyno Miranda's ex, Natasha Araos, explodes on Instagram: "All that m * they talk about killing Jesus ..."

Chyno Miranda and Natasha Araos.

Chyno Miranda and Natasha Araos.

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Natasha Araos, ex-wife of Chyno Mirandacontinues to carry stick in social networks and this time she was not silent as she almost always does but she exploded in Instagram against a follower who called her a bad mother, for not taking her son to the singer and even for abandoning him.

Recently rumors about the health of Chyno Mirandaformer member of the duo Chyno and Nachohave not ceased as well as the attacks on his ex-wife and mother of his son, Natasha Araos. same as He went out to defend himself against some harsh words that a user wrote to him on Instagram: “How sad that after admiring you now the whole world doesn’t believe anything you say!!! With no one’s health is played and less if it is the health of the father of your child!!! It can be understood that he behaved perfectly ok. But from there to play with his health. What if you haven’t even come to Venezuela to bring his son to see him… that’s bad, you know… that is, on the outside you are a cute little sheep and on the inside you have a bad heart… and you live pretending… from this moment on… I will stop following you… goodbye”. But Natasha Araoslike every mother who is mentioned to her son, did not remain silent and responded frontally and showing her claws.

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“For people like you who believe whatever they see and judge without knowing the world is as it is. Hopefully mom Alcira will soon calm the waters and deny all that sh*t they talk about and more killing Jesus all the time… My God, more common sense”, was the way in which Natasha Araos claimed the follower who attacked her on social networks. In addition, she herself names the mother of Chyno Miranda implying that it is the family of her ex-husband who must give that information.

Let’s remember that Chyno Miranda had serious consequences on his nervous system after being infected with covid. Then the rumor spread that he and “Tashie“, as they call Natasha AraosThey had parted ways. For a moment they denied it and then they shared the news together through a video on Instagram.

The singer said that he had been separated from his son’s mother for several months and that he had missed his home and his son due to infidelity. However, they let it be known at the time how important they were in each other’s lives and that they would remain united on good terms for their common son. Since then knowing the situation of Chyno Miranda’s health It has been a mystery.

While Gossip No Like assures that the singer is in critical condition and that they even called a priest, nacho mendoza He made it known that he has no communication with him because he is focused on his recovery. However, we were able to confirm with a source close to the singer that the family is still very tight with the state of health, but that the Venezuelan’s neurological damage is indeed no small thing. His former coach and personal friend, Juan Cortés, also commented on the artist’s health and narrated how he lost all contact with him.

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