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Mark Gurman, in his latest newsletter, not only talked about the next Apple products, but also, and above all, about the next Apple OS.

iOS version 16 is particularly expected for a presentation on stage during the next WWDC opening keynote, Monday, June 6.

We have already seen what could be the big news of the update. Here are precisely, thanks to the Bloomberg analyst, details on the major changes to expect with the arrival of the next iOS and iPadOS iterations.

Health, lock screen, widgets, etc.

According to the source, Apple is expected to make big changes to everything health-related on iPhone and Apple Watch. We imagine new specific sections, such as monitoring the menstrual cycle, monitoring medication intake or even improved sleep monitoring.

Widgets should also gain functionality and in particular benefit from a synergy with a new type of wallpaper. Additionally, Mark Gurman expects Apple to revisit the lock screen of iOS and iPadOS. As it stands, the latter displays time, notifications and some shortcuts. We hope to be able to customize it to better adapt it to personal use.

The Message application would not be outdone with the transition to iOS 16. It would be enhanced with social features and advances in audio content sharing.

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Finally, the journalist confirms once again the changes to come for the multitasking on iPad and in particular how to manage the windows of several applications open at the same time. Perhaps we will finally have the right to floating windows?

We just have to wait quietly next Monday, keynote day at Apple. The conference will take place at 7 p.m. French time. You can follow her alongside us as part of a text follow-up. Of course, we will not fail to detail each announcement made during the event, the same evening and in the hours and days that follow.

Obviously, iOS 16 will be the central subject of the presentation. We can’t wait to see if Mark Gurman got it right, but also to discover what Apple has been preparing for us for several months to improve our daily lives with the iPhone and/or iPad!

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