Clarissa Molina responds to accusations of poor pay made by the director of Miss Dominican Republic

Clarissa Molina responds to accusations of poor pay made by the director of Miss Dominican Republic

Clarissa Molina responds to accusations of poor pay made by the director of Miss Dominican Republic

Clarissa Molina It has been the last 48 hours in the eye of the hurricane. The director of Miss Dominican RepublicMagali Febles, publicly denounced her for allegedly owing her money from a commission, which they agreed to when the reporter from The fat and the skinny competed for Our Latin Beauty. Now he is the star of Univision which responded to those accusations through a statement on Facebook.

The classmate of Lili Estefan Y Raul de Molina made it clear that he is a person who does not like controversy and much less around Miss Dominican Republic. “Out of respect for my country, because at the end of the day it is Miss Dominican Republicwhich matters a lot to me… And to the lady for having once believed in my potential… At some point I was a dreamer… representing Dominican Republic, literally it was like the battery of every day… Thank God I have achieved it… The last hours, since last night, I have been receiving publications… there comes the lady referring to me in a very negative way, super derogatory… False slander. Definitely and according to her, I owe everything to her that I was able to win Our Latin Beauty and what I achieved…”, he said Clarissa Molina about Febles’ statements.

“First I went to Our Latin Beauty 2015, not to Miss Dominican Republic. After the 2015 that I did not win, I started to do My Dominican Republic with the dream of representing my country. From a dream it became a nightmare. You do not know what I lived… The lady never fulfilled what the contract said. My family and I agreed to pay for everything we could… I had to do a good job in miss Universe… I told them: -Gentlemen, there is no money here, there is no help here, there is nothing here…”. Because the way she likes to look for money.. I am not going to put my values ​​and my principles… That was not what my mom taught me and neither did my dad… I am faithful to who I am“, he explains Clarissa Molina trying to get into the context of what was happening at that time with Miss Dominican Republic and its director Magali Febles.

These shocking statements Clarissa Molinaone of the star presenters of Univision and one of the most consented by the Hispanic public, he pointed out that on the part of Febles there was a breach of contract. When this exists, the document is completely cancelled. This was explained to him by the legal advisers who sought him together with his family at that time.

Despite that, the reporter from The fat and the skinny decided to request the authorization of the director of Miss Dominican Republic to go to participate in Our Latin Beauty VIP again but in 2016 and fortunately, it was excellent. She assures that she won thanks to the thousands and thousands of votes from her followers, from her, to whom she also apologized in advance for Magali Febles having discredited the force they made of her when they voted for her.

Clarissa Molina said he fears for future young women who want to enter Miss Dominican Republic because they are all exposed to violence in this contest. He also announced that he will open a foundation: “Thanks to the violence I had, I am going to create my foundation to help girls who want to enter the world of entertainment in different ways with scholarships… Help them with their development and growth… How to better educate them … To the girls of my country and For me, it is one of my priorities right now. That they live a clean process and that what I lived and what others have lived do not happen…“.

She dedicated a heartfelt message to her fans saying that she respected them and that she thanked them for all the time they take to support her in each of the projects she undertakes. Clarissa Molina says that, in addition to the foundation, she will continue educating herself in spiritual matters and advancing professionally outside of this type of controversy.

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