Click Through Rates by Organic Positions in 2022

With the position occupied in natural referencing in the search results page (SERP), the CTR (click-through rate) is one of the king indicators when we want to analyze the relevance, interest and value of our positions. SEO on Google and other search engines.

As a reminder, the SEO CTRs is none other than the organic click-through rate observed on search results. In other words, the share of Internet users who search on search engines and will click on an organic search result (non-sponsored and non-paying result).

2022 SEO Click Through Rate Study of Organic Position on Search Engine Results

CTR SEO study 2022
CTR SEO study 2021 / 2022: mobile to desktop

In a new 2022 SEO CTR study, SEO Clarity analyzed over 750 billion impressions across over 17 billion unique keywords to analyze CTRs by position, device (mobile and desktop), country, seasonality, and even industry. of activity.

Here are the main results from this very important data analysis.

What is the average CTR SEO on the TOP 10 in desktop version?

1 8.17%
2 3.82%
3 2.43%
4 1.63%
5 1.11%
6 0.84%
7 0.67%
8 0.54%
9 0.52%
10 0.44%
Data source: SEOCLARITY

The TOP 3 positions alone collect almost 15% of the total organic clicks distributed in the search results page.

What is the average CTR SEO on the TOP 10 in mobile version?

1 6.74%
2 3.41%
3 2.50%
4 1.71%
5 1.18%
6 0.89%
7 0.75%
8 0.64%
9 0.55%
10 0.48%
Data source: SEOCLARITY

What is interesting with this study is that the behavior of mobile users is not the same as that of desktop users in terms of click rate.

Mobile users tend to click less on the first SERP search results than desktop users.

The average SEO click-through rate for the first position increases from 8.17% on desktop to 6.74% on mobile devices.

The evolution of the SEO click rate of the TOP 20 by market (country) excluding France:

1 9.13% 10.48% 11.30% 14.88% 13.94%
2 5.07% 6.05% 5.93% 8.22% 7.52%
3 3.60% 4.49% 4.29% 4.79% 4.68%
4 2.61% 3.15% 3.31% 3.10% 3.91%
5 1.95% 2.54% 2.64% 2.09% 2.98%
6 1.46% 1.96% 1.95% 1.52% 2.42%
7 1.10% 1.55% 1.50% 1.10% 2.06%
8 0.93% 1.32% 1.27% 0.95% 1.78%
9 0.75% 1.10% 1.03% 0.77% 1.46%
10 0.66% 0.98% 0.95% 0.70% 1.32%
11 0.63% 0.91% 0.89% 0.57% 1.03%
12 0.58% 0.74% 0.86% 0.50% 1.00%
13 0.43% 0.59% 0.61% 0.36% 1.07%
14 0.44% 0.64% 0.64% 0.41% 1.34%
15 0.45% 0.73% 0.77% 0.45% 1.65%
16 0.53% 0.90% 0.92% 0.63% 2.19%
17 0.60% 1.07% 1.10% 0.83% 2.54%
18 0.75% 1.29% 1.25% 1.14% 2.83%
19 0.88% 1.36% 1.34% 1.27% 2.91%
20 0.93% 1.47% 1.39% 1.34% 2.85%
TOP 20 SEO CTR by country

According to this study, the worst SEO position in the TOP 20 would be position 13. It is in any case the one that records one of the worst SEO click rates.

Another interesting point from one market to another is the evolution of the share of the CTR of the TOP 3 on the whole of the overall CTR of the SERP.

In certain markets such as Japan and India, a position outside the TOP 3 is much more penalizing than in another market such as the United States or the United Kingdom.

A few additional takeaways from this new SEO click-through rate study:

  • Mobile users are less likely to click on top search results than desktop users. They therefore scroll more before clicking.
  • Mobile results drive 85.8% more impressions than desktop results on average across all industries.
  • The SEO click-through rate for position 1 goes from 8.17% on desktop to 6.74% on mobile devices.
  • For position 1, the lowest click-through rates are observed in the United States, with an average of 9.13%.
  • The United States has the lowest click-through rates for both the top 10 search results and the top 20.
  • Search engine users are scrolling more and more. The CTR of positions 17-20 is on average higher than that of positions 11-16 across the world.
  • May and December are the months with the lowest click-through rates, and July through September are the highest. All themes and locations combined.
  • The “Real Estate” sector has the highest average CTR (all devices combined) among the top 10 positions (2.45%), and the “Apparel & Fashion” sector has the lowest (1.43%) .

2019 SEO CTR Study

In an SEO study conducted in 2019 on 5 million keywords and associated results pages, Backlinko had shared very interesting data on the average impact on CTR of a position change on page 1 and not only… Here is a short summary of the data that interested us the most.

top 3 google ctr clicks
The top 3 organic results capture an average of 75% of SEO clicks

What average CTR per SEO position (in 2019)?

According to data from the Backlinko study on the SEO CTRs, the top 5 is still “the place to be” for all SEOs with always a strong impact on the CTR of being 1st or in the top 3:

ctr google position seo
Here is an overview of the average CTR (click-through rate) per SEO position (2019 data)

Here is a summary of the 10 key points that must be remembered in priority from the study on the CTR SEO of Backlinko:

google seo ctr improvement
Here is the average evolution rate of the CTR according to the evolution of the SEO position (+1)
  1. The #1 result in Google’s organic search results gets a Average CTR of 31.7%, or nearly 1 in 3 clicks.
  2. The result in first SEO position has on average 10 times more likely to be clicked than the link positioned in 10th place.
  3. The organic CTR for positions 7-10 is virtually identical. Thus, going from a position 10 to 7 will have very little effective impact on the traffic of your site, except if we are talking about requests with several million impressions (which is rare).
  4. On average, a 1 place improvement in search results will increase CTR by 30.8%. However, you have to take this data with a little perspective since it will depend on your final position. Moving from position #3 to position #2 will usually result in a significant increase in CTR and clicks. However, moving from position 10 to position 9 will not make a really significant difference in terms of both CTR and clicks recorded.
  5. Title tags that contain a question have a 14.1% higher CTR than pages that don’t contain a question.
  6. Title tags between 15 and 40 characters have the highest CTR. According to the study data, pages with a title between 15 and 40 characters have an 8.6% higher CTR compared to those with a larger number of characters.
  7. URLs containing a keyword have a 45% higher click-through rate than URLs without a keyword.
  8. Adding “Power Words” to your title tag can lower your CTR. Headlines with power words have a 13.9% lower CTR than headlines without power words.
  9. Emotional titles can improve your CTR. The study found that titles with positive or negative sentiment improved CTR by around 7%.
  10. Writing meta descriptions for your pages can result in a higher CTR. Pages with a meta description generate 5.8% more clicks than those without a description.

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