Climate change affects humans even before they are born: its threats to pregnancy

Mujeres embarazadas y sus bebés sufren los efectos del cambio climático.

Pregnant women and their babies suffer the effects of climate change.


Pregnant women and children in their wombs are particularly affected by lthe effects of climate change and pollution in the planet.

Climate change is an urgent threat to women’s health”, Indicated in the middle of the year the American Association of Obstetrics (ACOG), when it released guidelines to address the risks to pregnancy from heat and the environment usually.

The women belonging to minority groups are even more vulnerable, since the disparities they suffer make them more likely to die from causes related to pregnancy than others.

Big risks

Findings published by the scientific journal JAMA assert that the health of pregnant women, fetuses and newborns is notably affected from the heat and air pollution. Experts came to this conclusion after analyzing more than 32 million births in the United States.

And is that Pollutants in the environment can reach the lungs of mothers and even the placenta, and then the baby.

As for the heat, pregnant mothers cannot regulate body temperature in the same way as a non-pregnant person. This makes them susceptible to heat stroke.

Climate can also impact metabolic function, such as insulin sensitivity. This represents a link between high temperatures and gestational diabetes.

Extreme heat can disrupt blood flow in the placenta and make it fragile, in addition to which it can be responsible for other complications such as hypertension.

Ozone particles or extreme heat build up the risk of low birth weight babies, which can affect your brain development or increase your risk of infection.

Meanwhile, pollutant particles can cause premature labor. Global warming can also cause natural disasters, which can imply complications for mothers, and increase the risks for them and their children.

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