CloudMensis, this Mac virus that wants your personal data


If you have an account Dropbox or pCloud, caution. ESET’s Cybersecurity Research Lab has identified new malware that uses online storage services and a backdoor to siphon data from your Mac. Yandex Disk, another competing platform, is also affected.

For the moment, it is difficult to know how many machines have been infected in this way, but it seems that the malicious program is relatively recent. He would indeed have made his first victim on February 4, which still potentially left him time to corrupt thousands of computers. For now, Apple did not react directly, perhaps because the exact process used by hackers to achieve their ends remains unclear.

Your documents at risk

According to ESET analysts, the CloudMensis virus is capable of executing thirty-nine different commands without the consent of the owner of the Mac, remotely and discreetly. Among its capabilities is the ability to download files from your memory, including screenshots and even emails. A real risk for companies therefore, especially if their equipment is not protected by a good antivirus.

Fortunately, the attacks are targeted and therefore only concern a minority of Internet users. The experts who discovered the malware do not give precise indications to guard against it, which suggests that it will be necessary to wait for an update from the developers to be fully protected.

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Change with macOS Ventura

During the last Worldwide Developer Conference organized in California during the month of June, Apple presented the Lockdown mode which aims to fight against this type of incident. Also available on iPhone and iPad, this tool allows you to limit access to features often favored by hackers to spy on you. Among other things, it is a question here of blocking attachments in messages or disabling FaceTime calls with unknown numbers.

Lockdown mode could therefore be very useful in the case of CloudMensis. But we will have to wait this autumn to be able to test macOS Ventura in the final version, the operating system being only accessible in beta for the moment.

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