Health Coffee can reduce mortality from liver disease

Coffee can reduce mortality from liver disease


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Liver disease is a silent killer, and coffee may reduce risks

Coffee reduces the risk of death from cirrhosis and cancer.

He coffee It is one of the most popular beverages in the world whose moderate consumption offers benefits to your health, one of them: it protects your liver.

For decades, coffee intake has been recognized as offering some degree of protection against liver disease, and in a recently published study, researchers point to the potential for preventing deaths related to liver disease.

More than two cups of coffee a day

According to the report published in Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, increase coffee consumption to more than two cups of coffee per day per person has the potential to prevent hundreds of thousands of liver-related deaths annually.

Coffee intake not only improves liver biochemistry but also slows the progression to cirrhosis and is associated with a reduced risk of death from liver disease.

One of the high quality studies a 46% reduction in death from cirrhosis liver for people who drink 2 to 3 cups a day; and one 71% reduction in death from cirrhosis in those who consume 4 or more cups a day. Data were obtained from the Multiethnic Cohort Study of the U.S including men and women with and without liver disease. While other studies reveal similar results.

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The researchers decided to estimate the impact of increased coffee consumption per person on liver-related mortality for 194 countries using the Global Burden of Disease 2016 data.

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If the coffee consumed per person were more than four cups per day, the expected number of liver-related deaths in 2016 would have been 360,523 with 723,287 deaths avoided.

Coffee and liver cancer

Other studies indicate that coffee consumption compared to no coffee consumption is associated with a reduction in 40 percent risk of liver cancer.

Protective effect of coffee

There are a variety of compounds involved in liver benefits.

The caffeine, one of the main players in coffee, could be involved. The paraxanthin, one of the main metabolites of caffeine slows down the growth of connective tissue. This, in turn, can slow the development of liver fibrosis, alcoholic cirrhosis, and liver cancer.

Polyphenols and other components such as kahweol and cafestol, research to find out why coffee’s good effects on the liver continue.

How much coffee is healthy to consume?

If you are a healthy person, you can calmly enjoy your 4 cups of coffee a day. In a moderate consumption of caffeine according to the dietary guidelines of the United States indicates up to 400 mg; this amount equals approximately 4 cups of filter coffee (from 8 ounces) considering an average of 96 mg of caffeine per drink. Instant coffee has about 62 mg of caffeine.

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The researchers note that coffee represents a simple public health intervention, relatively safe, and accessible that can reduce liver-related mortality globally.

This recent research adds to previous statements that “liver disease is a silent killer, as there are often no symptoms until it is too late. Coffee is something that everyone can easily access and drinking it regularly can make a difference in preventing… ”According to Judi Rhys, CEO of the British Liver Trust.

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So now you know, in addition to reducing your risk of heart disease, stroke, improving your mood, and boosting your memory, your stimulating cups of coffee also protect your liver.

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