Coffee for all tastes … Which one do you prefer?

Coffee for all tastes ... Which one do you prefer?

There are many ways to enjoy coffee. This delicious drink has gained great social importance and has created a whole culture around it.

First, it is important to note that coffee is very different depending on factors such as roasting, grinding or the production method itself, the variety of coffee, sugar, or the different ingredients that can be added, from milk to liquors, passing for spices or fruits.

Meet some of the most common coffees and enjoy them at any time! Which one do you prefer?

Another favorite combination is mocha coffee (mochaccino). This drink is a combination of equal parts espresso, milk, and chocolate. Ideal for the cold!
Another variety of espresso coffee is Romano coffee, which is made with espresso served with a lemon wedge.

American coffee is a long and very smooth coffee that is served for breakfast as well as after a meal. It is from a drink prepared like an espresso, but to which hot water is added after infusion.

Then, it is served in a coffee pot, and a medium cup with a double dose of sugar is usually served as a service. Some people love to combine it with cinnamon or other spices.

Drip coffee pot. This type is made by dripping with a non-espresso machine. Among the most used is the paper filter coffee maker. It consists of a container where the water is placed and a container where the coffee that falls by dissolution without pressure is collected.

Another classic on this list is cappuccino coffee. For its preparation equal parts of espresso coffee, milk, and milk foam are combined.

One more variant of coffee is the latte macchiato. In a tall glass mug, put the hot milk that is “stained” with a little coffee.

Coffee for all tastes … Which one do you prefer?

The well-known frappuccino has its origin in the Greek frappé, very popular during the summer. It consists of a generally instant coffee served with ice and “topped” with whipped cream.

For those who prefer strong tastes, Turkish coffee is ideal. It is made with ground coffee type Arabica. As a result, a very concentrated, thick coffee is obtained, since it is made by boiling the ground beans directly in the water, falling into the cups where it is served, leaving the characteristic grounds.

Black coffee or “espresso”, as they call it in Italy, this drink is made under pressure using an espresso machine, after having pulverized the roasted coffee beans using a grinder. An authentic Italian espresso is served in a small porcelain cup, narrower at the base than at the top, to maintain the temperature and favor the perception of its aromas and flavor. The infusion will fill the cup about an inch and should have a good layer of cream.

The bonbon coffee is served in a small glass with two-thirds of coffee with one part of condensed milk. A sweet treat!

Viennese coffee. It is the combination of espresso coffee with whipped milk adorned with chocolate chips. Unlike cappuccino, the proportion of coffee is usually higher than that of milk.

The traditional café con Leche is a combination in which two-thirds of milk is mixed with one-third of espresso.

With alcohol!

For those who like the combination of coffee and alcohol, there is the carajillo coffee. First, you start by heating and burning brandy with some coffee beans and lemon peel, which is then added to the coffee alone.

Another drink that combines alcohol is Irish coffee, which was born on a cold winter night in 1942 (when there were flights between Ireland and the United States, better known as flying boats), for a group of passengers whose plane had to return due to a strong storm. The cafe features espresso, Irish whiskey, brown sugar, and whipped cream.

The alcohol infusion can be strained or served with grains and citrus skin. This drink is typical of Spain and its origin dates back to the time when Cuba was Spanish and the soldiers combined coffee with rum to take courage, for courage.

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