Coinbase to Hire 2,000 Employees This Year on Web3 Projects

Coinbase to Hire 2,000 Employees This Year on Web3 Projects

Coinbase to Hire 2,000 Employees This Year on Web3 Projects For DailyBitcoin Editor

coinbase announced that it plans to add 2,000 employees in the areas of Product, Engineering and Design related to Web3 in 2022.


coinbase, The San Francisco, California-based cryptocurrency trading platform, which offers exchange services between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies in around 32 countries, as well as storage and management of digital assets in 190 countries, comes with important announcements today: it said that It will open 2,000 new sources of employment, which shows that very ambitious plans are coming from the company.

In a blog post today, coinbase announced that to capitalize on the opportunities ahead, it will need more support to scale up its current products while simultaneously producing new ones.

The platform intends to hire up to 2,000 more new employees to do this. He wrote it like this:

“At Coinbase we have an ambitious mission to increase economic freedom in the world. If we’re going to execute against the opportunity in front of us, we’re going to need more help scaling our existing products and building new ones.

In 2022, we plan to add up to 2,000 employees across our Product, Engineering, and Design teams.. We see tremendous product opportunities ahead for the future of Web3. We believe our industry is in its infancy and building on-ramps for people to participate is critical to driving the next-generation crypto use case.”

New products like NFTs

The company also announced that it is expanding its product line to include user-created content, such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and wants to improve security and accessibility. This is how he said it:

“We are also expanding to include products that host user-generated content like NFTs, and we are excited about our ambitious plans for the future of Coinbase Wallet, improving security, usability, and accessibility.”

The platform notes that a significant point has been reached in the cryptocurrency space: public acceptance is at an all-time high, with crypto businesses more visible than ever, and the proliferation of Web3 applications reveals new possibilities on a daily basis.

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“We are unwavering in our approach to building for the long term, through every crypto cycle. He has been one of the biggest drivers of our success to date. Through the highs we focus on scaling and many new people get acquainted with cryptocurrencies. During downtime, we can focus on product innovation. Whether the market is up or down, we see a clear opportunity, making Coinbase one of the most exciting places to work right now.”

Possible candidates

In the announcement, it also indicates who the ideal candidates for positions would be for the company:

“There are a few things we look for in every hire we make at Coinbase, regardless of role or team. First, we look for signs that a candidate will thrive in a culture like ours, where we prioritize clear communication, efficient execution, and continuous learning, among other qualities. We are looking for people who choose to take a mission-focused approach to their work. And we are looking for people with the desire and ability to #LiveCrypto, actively creating and sharing their crypto experience with those around them.”.

“In return, we offer a unique career opportunity, with competitive and transparent compensation; unique benefits such as several weeks of recharging throughout the company; and a remote setting where you’ll work on a championship team with some of the most talented people in our industry.”

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Finally he commented: “Cryptocurrency is at a tipping point: public adoption is at an all-time high, crypto businesses are more visible than ever, and the explosion of Web3 applications is unlocking new possibilities every day. So if you’re excited about this opportunity and would like to join us in our mission to increase economic freedom in the world, check out our jobs page“.

Ad in the Super Bowl

Finbold remember that this announcement of upcoming jobs follows the recent debut of the company in superbowl with a code ad QR which may have been very popular both because of the space where it was shown and because of the originality of the way it was made.

The entire 60-second commercial is made up almost entirely of a brightly colored QR code that bounces off the screen, in the style of those early virtual games where a ball bounces off the edges.

You can see a part of the commercial here:

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