Coinbase to launch its own platform for trading digital collectibles, Coinbase NFT

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Coinbase to launch its own platform for trading digital collectibles, Coinbase NFT By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

Coinbase NFT would come to compete with exchanges like FTX and Binance in the digital collectibles sector. At the moment it is not known the date on which the official launch will take place.


The reputed international exchange based in the USA, Coinbase, announced that it will soon launch its new platform for trading digital collectibles (NFT).

This was announced by the team of Coinbase Through a statement published on their Official Blog, where they report that the launch of this new platform seeks to expand the use of cryptocurrencies and their use cases among a greater variety of users, especially involving artists and those interested in this type of digital creations, opening the door to one of the sectors that has generated the greatest impact in recent months.

In this regard, the statement reads:

“Today, we announced Coinbase NFT, a P2P marketplace which will make minting, buying, displaying and discovering NFT easier than ever. Just as Coinbase helped millions of people access Bitcoin for the first time in an easy and reliable way, we want to do the same with NFTs. “

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About Coinbase NFT

In relation to this service, the intention of the Coinbase is in making access to the NFT is possible in an easy and simple way, also aiming at the creation of a community of creators of digital art and an important user base interested in the sector.

To facilitate the experience, Coinbase indicated that this new platform will seek to make the process as less complex as possible, precisely so that it does not represent a barrier for all interested parties. To do this, it uses an intuitive design, guaranteeing at all times that the creative control of the NFT belongs to the creators, right up to the moment when digital assets are effectively marketed, all visible through Blockchain.

At the moment, the platform only has support for NFT that operate on the network of Ethereum, under the standards ERC-721 and ERC-1155, but that in the future they will incorporate collectibles from other Blockchain, precisely to broaden the commercial spectrum and open the door to operating markets on other networks.

A more social emphasis

Further developing the idea of ​​sense of community, the team of Coinbase clarified that in addition to ensuring safety, they will also try to foster connections between art creators and all their fans.

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To do this, the creators will manage a profile in which all the NFT commercialized by these, with which collectors and fans will be able to see the gallery of the artists’ works, and thus give greater visibility to both the works and the trajectory of the person in charge.

Entering the space of NFT

This seems to be a new step for the team of Coinbase Beyond the NFT, precisely because the platform will have a more focused approach on the possible interactions between artists and collectors.

But another noteworthy aspect is that the ad formally introduces Coinbase within this new sector, in which already exchanges such as FTX and Binance have made space, precisely seeking to catch up with reputable platforms within the sector such as OpenSea, the latter appearing as the market with the highest volume of commercial operations for this type of assets.

At the moment, an exact date for the launch of this new platform was not indicated, but Coinbase opened a waiting list for everyone interested in having early access to the same.

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Source: Forbes, Coinbase Blog

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