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Commercial brochure: communication support


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The commercial brochure is a print communication medium used to present the company’s products and services in order to optimize its sales or to promote new products and / or services.

Prestigious product, it is important to provide as much detail as possible. And above all to demand quality at all stages of its design, especially in printing. Focus on the steps to follow in the creation and design of a sales brochure, from the definition of the objectives to the choice of the service provider to whom to entrust the printing of the support.

Define the objective of the communication

The purpose of the commercial brochure is to promote the company by providing information on its products and services. But this information alone is not enough to make it effective, hence the importance of defining a more specific objective allowing you in particular to determine if this medium is the most relevant for your communication project. The following elements must be clearly defined: the target of the medium, its lifespan, in which context it will be used (product or range launch, loyalty, trade fair, etc.), etc. The service provider you choose to print your brochures on the internet will also use these elements to determine the most suitable format for you, and provide you with different printing options.

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Design a writing plan

Generally, the content of a commercial brochure must revolve around the activity of the company, the benefits that can be enjoyed by customers who opt for your products / services, reinsurance data that reinforce the credibility of your brand (figures, statistics, references, values, etc. ) and “call-to-action” elements.

The content of your brochure is of prime importance because it should be fluid and understandable by the majority. You must plan a catchphrase to grab the reader’s attention, place key messages, highlight essential information and especially the strengths of your products, prioritize data, etc.

commercial brochure

Formatting your commercial brochure

The shape of your business brochure is a point that needs to be thought through as well as the substance as before it is read, it must visually attract. At this stage, it is therefore a question of designing a striking graphic design while respecting your visual identity. Take care to base yourself on your graphic charter to create a real link with your visual identity:

  • logo,
  • color codes,
  • font, etc.

In the absence of a charter, this is the perfect opportunity to have one designed!

This phase must also anticipate the choice of a format, visuals, images, etc. to include in your brochure.

Choose the printer for your business brochure

While some companies may opt to produce their brochure in-house, it is important to always entrust the printing to a qualified professional. If you opt for internal processing, you will need to demonstrate knowledge of print media production.

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Otherwise, the best solution is to have your business brochure printed by an experienced online provider. These printers should be able to advise you on the standards to be observed. As well as trends in design and graphics. They offer you options such as:

  • selective varnish,
  • matt or glossy paper,
  • the square back glued or stitched, etc.

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