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Trianon plaquette publicitaire format PDF

With the health crisis linked to COVID-19, your salespeople have had to adapt. Discover the advantages of the sales brochure in PDF format for your sales teams.

What is the PDF commercial brochure?

The aim of the sales brochure is to present to your prospects:

  • your business,
  • the selection of products,
  • your product and / or service.

It is widely used by your salespeople who rely on it for their sales prospecting speech, whether by phone or face to face.

The sales brochure is also very useful for your prospects who thus have a document bringing together, in one place, all the characteristics and advantages of the product and / or service presented.

It can be produced in paper format or in PDF format. The commercial brochure in PDF format has seen a resurgence of interest in recent months with the obligation to respect social distancing and teleworking. This is a commercial brochure produced using design software (such as Canva or Illustrator) and saved in PDF format.

Unlike the classic commercial brochure which is printed and hand delivered to his prospect during a physical meeting or a trade show.

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The advantages of the commercial brochure

The PDF sales brochure offers many advantages.

1 / Ecological

First of all, from an ecological point of view, it is more interesting to send the sales brochure by email than to print it. Each year, more than 20 million trees are cut down to produce paper.

Not to mention the inks and varnishes used to print your brochure and make it attractive, which also have an ecological impact. Just like the impression that releases CO2 into the atmosphere.

2 / The sales brochure in PDF format is economical

Even if in recent years, ecological alternatives have multiplied among printers, opting for a greener paper represents a certain cost for the company, especially if it wishes to print a large number of commercial brochures.

This is also another advantage of the commercial brochure: it allows the company to save money. Printing a large amount of business documents is a significant cost.

When your company participates in a trade show and plans a large number of paper commercial brochures, its cost represents a significant part of the event budget! Designing the sales brochure and sending it directly to the prospect in PDF format is less expensive.

An alternative in trade shows is then to ask for emails from potential customers and then send them the PDF sales brochure by email. This method works much better than that of giving a commercial brochure to the visitor, who will store it with the other brochures and will not consult it again in most cases!

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Download the Valogreen sales brochure in PDF format

In a context of health crisis, the company does not participate in trade fairs. The printed commercial brochure is less useful to him while the PDF commercial brochure is ideal. With this format, the company continues to prospect, by email or phone, while respecting barrier gestures.

3 / Interactive

At last, the sales brochure can be interactive. On a paper commercial brochure, you cannot put a direct link to the company’s website, which can be done on a commercial brochure in PDF format.

On a printed advertising brochure, few prospects make the effort to open your web page, unless they are genuinely interested. With a sales brochure in PDF format, the prospect has only one click to do. The visit rate to your website is then higher, which affects your conversion rate!

You wish to have a PDF commercial brochure for

  • to preserve the environment,
  • save money,
  • or even facilitate your commercial prospecting,

you must bet on a successful commercial brochure.

Indeed, your PDF commercial brochure must mark the prospect to facilitate the ROI.

To be successful, the commercial brochure must be:

  • Unique: different from your competitors’ PDF sales brochures;
  • visually appealing: catch the eye and make you want to read. Feel free to insert images, links and boxes, and play with colors and formatting;
  • well written: pleasant to read and without any fault in grammar, conjugation or syntax;
  • complete but concise: say everything without saying too much, to make the prospect want to know more.
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The design of your commercial brochure will depend on its objective.

In short,

Whether for :

  • a company presentation brochure,
  • an advertising brochure for a product and / or service,
  • a tourist brochure,
  • an institutional brochure,
  • a promotional brochure …

the format and content will not be the same.

However, regardless of the type of PDF business brochure, include your essential information, such as:

  • Contact information (phone number and email),
  • the address of your website,
  • as well as the description of the service and / or product highlighted, if applicable.

If your profession is regulated, other mandatory information must be added such as your EORI number for example.

And to design your brochure in PDF format, do not hesitate to call our agency. In this way, you will be able to benefit from our tools, our expertise and maximize your ROI.

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