‘Complete hell’, Texas man describes monkeypox pain 100 times worse than Covid-19

Al rozar, las ampollas inflamadas se sienten como un pelador de papas en la piel.

When rubbed, the inflamed blisters feel like a potato peeler on the skin.

Photo: Courtesy of CDC/Getty Images

A Texas man described his “traumatic” battle with monkeypoxwhen more than 2,000 cases have been documented throughout the United States.

The patient, Luke Shannahan, told Houston’s KHOU 11 network that his ordeal began after he was notified by the Dallas Department of Health that he had been exposed to the virus.

“I was in the bars. She went to pool parties. I went to a music event over the weekend and recently all those people have turned positive,” Shannahan said. “It was apparently a contact tracing phone call.”

Shannahan said she spent the last three weeks in quarantine dealing with symptoms he described as “complete hell”.

“You have these blisters that are inflamed and every time you brush against something or touch something, it literally feels like someone is putting a potato peeler on your skin.”Shannahan told the station.

Currently there are more than 2,000 reported cases of monkeypox in the US, although it is much less contagious than COVID-19.

“All the pain was constant,” the patient said.

Shannahan received the monkeypox vaccine after contracting the disease.

“Just please help us get that vaccine out,” he said.

Shannahan told NBC DFW that his monkeypox symptoms were “100 times worse” than those of the coronavirus, with which he was infected last summer.

He was able to get vaccinated against monkeypox, which is accompanied by a blistering rash all over his body and swollen lymph nodes.

“It is the most traumatic experience I have ever had. It’s the worst I’ve ever been sick,” he told KHOU 11.

The infection, which is spread through bodily fluids and prolonged contact, has largely spread among gay men, but Texas just reported its first case in a woman, according to the outlet.

“It’s definitely something we need to pay attention to. This is not just a gay disease, this is not something that only affects gay men who have sex with men. This is definitely something that can affect everyone,” LGBTQ advocate Austin Davis Ruiz told KHOU 11.

Just over 2,000 cases were recorded in the country, the CDC reported Tuesday, and New York with 581 incidences recorded the most in the US.

Monkeypox is much less contagious than COVID-19, according to health officials.

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