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Face ID

A patent filed in the United States explains how Apple hopes to make its biometric unlocking even more efficient by also embedding it on possible virtual reality headsets. The only problem: this risks overheating the device, but here too Cupertino seems to have found a solution thanks to conductive pipes which would allow the temperature to be regulated.

Find out more (in English).

Object tracking

Another document details an ingenious optical system that could detect objects in front of a eyewear to then follow them. This could make them function as a game controller, with various and varied items such as a shoe, a racquet or a shuttlecock.


A speaker built into your smart mount? Bose is already on the job, but will now have to deal with the alternative offered by Apple.

Augmented reality

To be closer to your real environment with an AR headset, whose glass can possibly distort its content, Apple believes that using mirrors that reflect it directly in your retina is a good idea. Details.


Reverse recharge

As already seen earlier, the MacBook and iPad could act as a wireless charging station for Apple’s mobile devices (Watch and iPhone in particular). An ingenious way to exploit the empty space surrounding the touchpad on the sides.

apple patent

© Apple / USPTO

Removable screen

Not always practical to show what is on your laptop screen to a friend if the friend is sitting across from you. And if the slab could just rotate ? Better yet: this would take place automatically in order to follow your gaze … and the screen could quite simply be detached from the Mac to become autonomous, like the keyboard + iPad duo.

apple patentapple patent

© Apple / USPTO

apple patentapple patent

© Apple / USPTO

Smart standby

Soon, you might just have to sit down in front of your Mac for it to wake up from yesterday and restart. It would automatically detect your presence. (source)

apple patentapple patent

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Apple Maps

Apple already competes with Google Street View with Look Around, but would like to use drones to go faster. Backpacks too, as Alphabet already does for remote places that are difficult to reach by car.

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More info here (patent in English).

apple patentapple patent

© Apple / USPTO

Apple watch

The watch may soon detect high blood pressure. (source)

Autonomous car

In case some still doubt that Apple is indeed working on a driverless vehicle, an additional patent confirms this theory. The firm talks about the use and importance of LiDAR to avoid obstacles.

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