Constant voltage measurement on the Apple Watch?

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Apple would work well in this direction. According to several patents published by the apple brand, the hypothesis of constantly monitoring blood pressure seems to make people happy on the side of Cupertino.

Today, only heart rate measurement can be done almost continuously. If Apple succeeded in this tour de force, with constant monitoring of this essential health data, the Apple would do better than an entire health industry. Because today it is possible to monitor blood pressure only with a cuff that inflates and deflates automatically. Used on some patients during their nights, this system has shown its limits. It quite significantly disrupts the patient’s sleep cycle.

An external sensor on the chest

On the Apple side, the idea would be to use a new sensor at the level of the Apple Watch. The latter would calculate the travel time of an ejection of blood from the left ventricle to the user’s wrist. With this information, it would therefore be possible to measure blood pressure continuously, in a “non-invasive” manner, explains Apple in its patent.

But for this device to have a chance to work, it will not take a watch connected to patients. As explained in the patent “Monitoring blood pressure using a multifunction device worn on the wrist”, a sensor will have to be attached to the level of the heart, to measure the exact moment when the blood ejection takes place.

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This information cannot be collected by the watch itself. Not with the precision necessary to be able to give reliable results.

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Apple therefore presents in its patent, a small square sensor, fixed on the patient’s chest. A solution that brings reliability, but which takes away a large market share from the firm. Not all of his clients will want an electrode on their chest to measure their blood pressure.

It remains to be seen what impact such an innovation could have on the autonomy of the watch. Constantly connecting to an external sensor can dramatically decrease the life expectancy of a load.

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Constant voltage measurement on the Apple Watch?

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