Control a Mac with the Apple Pencil, according to Apple

Apple Pencil

A new patent signed Apple reminds us that the company continues to innovate by offering new concepts for its computers. In the document, we thus recognize what looks like a Mac but with a stylus case. The machine would also be delivered with a touchpad, to recognize the writings of the accessory.

This operation is not unlike that of the Touch Bar, a secondary display installed below the primary display of some MacBook Pros. This addition was abandoned fairly quickly, however, and is no longer available on models with proprietary chip released at the end of 2021.

All elements already available?

Apple therefore already has the necessary technology to integrate one more panel on its Macs. What’s more, to receive information from a stylus, it would be possible to keep the gray color of the aluminum as is already the case with the Magic Trackpad, like some graphics tablets

The Apple Pencil, on the other hand, would serve as an ideal product to start internally iterating on this solution. As it is a patent, we cannot know if the idea will materialize one day in stores, however it is not uncommon to see Cupertino test prototypes without marketing them. The Touch Bar had however been mentioned recently in another official paper.

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Design to revisit

In the patent, we also learn that Apple wants to have a kind ofcase to store the stylus. This would therefore require, in theory, to remodel the chassis. With the risk of making the machine thicker, which is rather contrary to the habits of the manufacturer. Otherwise, why not develop a magnet à la MagSafe or such the one that allows you to clip the Pencil on the edge of an iPad?

The price of the Apple Pencil is currently 99 euros for the first generation, against 135 euros for the next. This could therefore sign a drastic increase in the price of a Mac equipped with the stylus. This accessory is also already offered when purchasing an iPad.

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