Controversy: Vicente and Alejandro Fernández would have been vaccinated against the coronavirus

Polémica: Vicente y Alejandro Fernández se habrían vacunado contra el coronavirus

A great controversy broke out in the social networks, after it was spread that the singers Alejandro and Vicente Fernández have already applied the vaccine against the coronavirus, when in Mexico is reserved, for the moment, for doctors and health personnel, who are on the front line caring for patients with COVID-19.

It was the journalist Juan Jose Origel who claimed that Mexican singers had already applied the coronavirus vaccine, which provoked strong criticism against the interpreters of regional Mexican music.

Did Vicente and Alejandro Fernández apply the vaccine against the coronavirus?

Some netizens criticized the alleged influences they have Alejandro Fernandez and his father Vicente for access to the vaccine, which in Mexico still does not correspond to any of them, since the first people to whom it is being applied is the Health personnel who directly care for those infected with coronavirus.

Mexico began to apply the Pfizer and BioNTech virus vaccine, since last December 24, but only for front-line personnel who care for those infected with the coronavirus.

However, Pepillo Origel, as the entertainment journalist is known, revealed that Vicente Fernández, as well as his children Gerardo and Alejandro Fernández They have already been vaccinated against COVID-19.

“I don’t know if Doña Cuquita (Don Vicente’s wife) too. I found out about these three, but they have already been vaccinated. How good, “Pepillo said on his channel Youtube.

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However, before the wave of criticism against the Fernándezes, the one who came out to show his face and deny that version was Vicente Fernández Jr.


Faced with so much controversy, the singer also denied the rumors that indicate that his relatives moved their influences to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

“Of course not, I have already heard the nonsense that they said that my father, Alejandro and Gerardo have it and that they do not know if my mother does too, what do you think, that Alejandro is going to wear it instead of my mother? If my mother is 75 years old and from there that is impossible ”, declared the singer to journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, on his YouTube channel.

Vicente Fernandez Jr. He assured that his family will respect the vaccination schedule set by the authorities.

“They gave information that is going to be programmed when it comes to age, how all the people are talking about what they are talking about and how the Ministry of Health will be able to grant it,” said the son of Vicente Fernández Jr.


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