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Best 3 Cooking With Beer Recipes


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Cooking with beer adds a unique touch to all kinds of dishes. Discover 3 original recipes to enjoy it

Beer is a good ally in the kitchen, it adds flavor, improves texture, and makes food juicier.

Beer It is the second most-consumed alcoholic beverage in the world and a summer classic. It is characterized by being a non-distilled beverage and bitter in taste, which is made with sprouted barley grains or other cereals whose starch is ferment in water with yeast and is often flavored with hops and other plants.

Nowadays is the brewing industry represents one of the most important worldwide and puts at our disposal all kinds of variants that differ in aspects such as their color, flavor, ingredients, production method, recipe, history, or origin. Although the world of beer and its pairing is a whole culture, it is not only delicious to refresh us on a hot day; is a wonderful culinary ally.

Cooking with beer is to add a unique and special touch in all types of dish types, it’s the perfect secret ingredient for sauces, stews, and meats. Among the main considerations that we must have when cooking with beer are the following:

  • Remember that depending on the cooking temperature and time the beer evaporates process. The longer you cook the food, the greater the evaporation, giving up to 5% alcohol.
  • Beer is an extraordinary ally for marinating meatsNot only does it add flavor, it improves its texture and tends to soften it.
  • Use beer for weather food gives a unique touch to this type of preparation, they will be very fluffy and crispy.
  • It is the perfect ingredient to provide a special creaminess to sauces, especially in reductions for accompanying all kinds of meats.

Three Ideas For Cooking With Beer:

1. Shrimp cocktail with beer

Beer is an ingredient that goes wonderfully with fish and seafood. Integrate it as part of the marinade sauce in cocktails it is an immense success, such is the case of the famous, light, and refreshing Shrimp cocktail. This recipe is a rich and light option to enjoy the summer and on hot days, it’s a very common preparation in the Mexican beaches. Best of all, the sauce can be the perfect complement to season all kinds of seafood.

2. Beer-laden fish tacos

One of the most popular and valued culinary uses of beer is a key ingredient in the elaboration of tempura sauces, a famous oriental preparation used to rebore seafood and vegetables. The best of all is that it is very easy to prepare and is characterized by providing a soft inside and crispy outside. These tacos of beer weathered fish They are a true delight to enjoy the warm climate and good weather and better yet: accompanied by a very cold beer.

3. Pork leg to beer

Pork leg is a delicious meat alternative very budget-friendly. It is characterized by the neutral flavor that lends itself to all kinds of combinations of sauces and garnishes. This recipe stands out for its marinade sauce made with stout beer, which belongs to the variant of the ale category and that is characterized by its very dark color. Provides an unmatched frosting, it is the perfect main course for dinners, family reunions, and Christmas celebrations.

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