LifeStyle Corona Birthday? Gifts you can send from Rappi

Corona Birthday? Gifts you can send from Rappi


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Is it someone’s birthday special? One of these gifts that you can send from Rappi will make that person happy.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed everything from personal life to work life and social life. This has also brought about a change in the way of celebrating a birthday; make that person feel good with gifts you can send from Rappi.

Because the situation worldwide tells us that we must still stay at home, without our friends and family, as we were used to before this health contingency, since we must avoid as much as possible contact to take care of ourselves and prevent the virus from spreading further.

This panorama does not mean that we put aside those special moments; as in everything we had to reinvent the way of doing it: now we have called birthdays in these months Corona Birthday, for taking it a little with humor, although there are also events that had to be postponed, such as weddings, graduations, baptisms, among many others.

How to make your loved ones feel special in your Corona Birthday?

The best option is to send incredible gifts to your doorstep in a couple of hours. This way you will make them feel that you are there, at a distance, but that they matter to you.

Do it from the safety of your home, in the app that makes your life easier: Rappi, where you can find everything from beauty and care products, to clothing, wines and thousands of other options.

We made a list for you of five perfect gifts that you can send from the application:

1. A candle from the Gingham line

Bath & Body Works has many products for skin and home care, but one of its star products is definitely the three wick candles.

One of our favorites is the Gingham line candle, which is inspired by picnics and sunny summer afternoons. Send it in by Rappi because it will permeate any space with its amazing scent: a floral blend and a hint of sweet citrus with hints of blue freesia, sweet clementine, and violet petals resulting in a fresh, vibrant and happy fragrance.

2. Rhapsody Penty Skirt

Do you think that friend’s style is bohemian? We have found a gift for her: a Penty skirt, from Rhapsody, at the ankle length with opening in the leg in black color and details in white, a precious garment that cannot be missing in her closet.

3. Victoria’s Secret Eau de Parfum Bombshell Intense

A perfume is a gift that never fails, especially if it is the Bombshell Intense Eau de parfum of El Secreto de Victoria. Let the notes of creamy cherry with hints of vanilla and red peonies brighten up your birthday.

Corona birthday gifts you can send from rappi4. Send some beautiful flowers from Casa Selva

Sending flowers will always be an easy and cute detail that nobody can resist. Forget about traditional flower arrangements and play with amazing designs, colors and textures, like Casa Selva’s Madagascar Bouquet.

On this site, the designs are inspired by the harmony, harmony and contrasts of nature. You will surely be the most attentive person with this detail.

5. Celebrate at a distance with Veuve Cliquot from La Europea

Even if you are away from that special person, it does not mean that you cannot celebrate that occasion that deserves it. Organize a virtual birthday with the perfect drink to toast.

Order the Veuve Cliquot champagne through Rappi in La Europea. This exquisite drink has a light fruity harmony, an incredible aroma and difficult to forget.

Discover everything that Rappi has, such as Bath & Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, Rapsodia, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Casa Selva, Padam and La Europa, among thousands of other options. In Rappi you can get all these options and more until the door of someone’s house or yours.

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