Corona launches beer without alcohol and with vitamin D, the first in the world

Corona Sunbrew 0.0% se desarrolló a partir de Corona Extra, a la cual se le extrajo el alcohol y luego se mezcló con vitamina D.

Corona Sunbrew 0.0% was developed from Corona Extra, which had its alcohol removed and then mixed with vitamin D.

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Corona has just launched a new and innovative option on the world market for consumers looking for a non-alcoholic beer: Corona Sunbrew 0.0%, a beer without alcohol, added vitamin D.

The body produces vitamin D when bare skin is exposed to the sun. So, Corona says touts that “Corona Sunbrew 0.0% allows consumers to have sunlight at all times (‘Sunshine, Anytime’), in all seasons.”

In Canada, where it is initially released, Corona Sunbrew 0.0% contains 30% of the daily value of vitamin D and 60 calories per 330 ml serving. In different phases, Corona’s new non-alcoholic beer will also be available to consumers in different countries.

Corona decided to first launch Corona Sunbrew 0.0% in Canada, at the time of year when most Canadians get limited exposure to sunlight, “which makes it an ideal market.” Later this year, Corona will expand its non-alcoholic offerings in the UK, followed by key markets in the rest of Europe, South America and Asia.

According to the creators, Corona Sunbrew 0.0% maintains the essence of Corona. It was developed from Corona Extrato which the alcohol was extracted and then the non-alcoholic beer was mixed with vitamin D and natural flavors.

The process was not easy, as vitamin D is sensitive to oxygen and light, and is not easily soluble in water.…” said Brad Weaver, global vice president of Innovation Research and Development at AB InBev.

The global brand is catering to non-alcoholic and low-calorie beverage trends. According to the IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, the total volume of the non-alcoholic and low-alcohol category is estimated to grow by 31% by 2024.

Although the new non-alcoholic Corona beer is expected to finally arrive in the United States, according to Paste Magazine, the lack of a launch announcement in the country may be related to litigation between AB InBev (owner of Grupo Modelo) and Constellation. Brands, which retains the rights to distribute Corona beers in the United States.

Corona, founded in Mexico, is the country’s leading beer brand, the most popular Mexican beer in the world, exported to more than 180 countries.

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