Coronasutra: 7 positions with which you can enjoy sex during quarantine while keeping distance

Coronasutra: 7 posiciones con las que puedes disfrutar del sexo durante la cuarentena guardando distancia

There are couples who have been very good at this quarantine, since having to be at home has allowed them to have a reconnection in their relationship and therefore, more sex. But how safe is it to have it during the pandemic?

At the beginning many things were said, it was not clear if sex as such was a risk factor in terms of transmission of the virus and even, in recent weeks, health experts indicated that it was better to have it wearing face masks.

In the face of uncertainty, there were many who gave up pleasure to prioritize health, which has been noted in some studies and statistics that indicate that the number of sexual encounters, in some places, has dropped considerably in recent weeks.

That is why in a television program in Argentina, a sexologist proposed an idea that, thanks to social networks, has become a real boom on an international level.

Its about Coronasutra, an adaptation of the famous Kamasutra book, where the 7 safest sexual positions to perform during quarantine are graphically explained in order to prevent a contagion of covid-19.

The seven positions chosen among the 64 available in the ancient Hindu text would be known as the “little dog”, the “amazon” (normal and inverted), the “deep”, “the butterfly position” and the famous “wooden bridge”. the most complicated of all because of its complexity.

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According to the expert who lectured on TV, these positions guarantee that there is between the couple a meter and a half and even up to 2 of distance between their mouths.

Many users on networks do not stop joking about the Coronasutra, while others see it favorably to spice up their privacy.


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