Correa, after the operation: “Everything went well”


Angel Strapstriker of Atletico Madrid, underwent an outpatient dermatological operation this Monday in Madrid to repair a scar from cardiac microsurgery in 2014, and the Argentine international himself explained that “everything went well”.

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“I am very happy to tell you that everything went well.. Thank you all for the messages of support. They helped me stay positive. Now it’s time to rest and recover to come back stronger”write Belt in your space on Twitter.

Last June 3 Correa left the concentration of the Argentine team “to undergo outpatient dermatological surgery to repair a subcutaneous injury at the University Clinic of Navarra”reported that day Atlético de Madrid.

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The player himself explained last Saturday on the same social network that the intervention was for “correct a scar” that “was left over from an old operation” that he underwent “years ago in the United States.”

“In case you don’t remember, I’ll review it for you: in 2014 I went through a difficult situation when I underwent cardiac microsurgery. I was barely 18 years old and I got ahead with faith and with love for life, because that’s what it’s all about, never giving up, not even in the ugliest, never giving up,” he recalled. Belt.


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