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Ángel Correa, en el Atlético-Granada

Ángel Correa is one of Atlético’s best footballers so far this season, but he’s not going through his best moment. An inopportune blow to the foot, Cholo’s confidence in Griezmann and the feeling that he has to do more than most to have stripes have left the Argentine touched. Y his numbers, the best of his career, have suffered in the last weeks. Now, the team needs him to repeat the final stretch of last year, in which he was one of the heroes of the League.

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Till the date, Correa has twelve goals, eleven in the League and one in the Champions League. The 10 long ago surpassed its marks of 2018 and 2021, when it stayed at nine. At Atleti he only beats him Suarez, with 13. In other words, the Argentine international is one of the team’s great strengths in attack. However, he has ten games without seeing a goal. Two months in which, yes, he has alternated the starting eleven with the bench, something that has affected the footballer’s mood, who felt launched and at his best.

In the visit to Betis something broke in the belt season. The Argentine, who had given an assist to João after two minutes, had to leave the field after half an hour after receiving a very strong blow to the foot. The pain lasted several days and, despite forced to play undercover and not miss any game, he was relegated to the bench for the following matches. “He left due to an injury and another teammate started to do well”Simeone explained about it. Griezmann entered next to João and Cholo wanted to give continuity to that tandem. Correa had to settle for entering the 93rd minute at Old Trafford, for example. Four days later, in Vallecas, he also jumped in the second half and ended up being sent off and serving a two-match ban. Another brake.

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Launched in 2022… until the visit to Betis

Until the Villamarín coup, Correa was flying in 2022. Seven goals in eight games, in 496 minutes. in that section Griezmann wasn’t there due to injury and the Argentine took advantage of it. With the revulsive label since he arrived at the club, last season he already convinced everyone that he could be a starter at Atlético. The five goals he scored in the last eight days were decisive for the conquest of the League, especially the already historic puntin in Valladolid. And with that inertia the course began: three goals and an assist in the first three days.

Now, around this miniparón, Atlético will not have João Félix and Correa is preparing to be decisive again if Simeone gives him confidence. After being a substitute against City, he has started against Espanyol and Granada, but the best version of him was not seen. Between Griezmann, Cunha, Suárez and him must pull the car until leaving it parked in the Champions area. The Argentine has shown that he knows how to rebel, recover from the setbacks he has had at Atleti and that the stripes of the attack do not scare him.


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