What is the correct way to clean mushrooms to eat them safely

What is the correct way to clean mushrooms to eat them safely

Wash them or not? This is probably one of the main myths regarding the consumption of mushrooms, mushrooms, and mushrooms. Discover the correct way to clean and preserve them better

Mushrooms and mushrooms are an ingredient widely used in cooking, they are not only versatile, but they are also characterized by their great nutritional contribution which is characterized by providing extraordinary therapeutic properties.

The most incredible thing is that mushrooms constitute the second group of most abundant organisms in nature, that is why there are numerous varieties that they have different flavors according to their species.

For centuries mushrooms have been a food consumed by cultures around the world and is that they not only represented an easy food alternative but were also highly valued for their medicinal benefits.

There are many kinds of fungi in nature, some are edible and others highly poisonous. It is estimated that there are about a thousand edible mushroom species, which according to the region are even part of culinary customs around the world.

Mushroom consumption is associated with great goodness among which its benefits against cancer stand out, great qualities to strengthen the immune system, help reduce high cholesterol levels, and have anti-inflammatory properties they fight several chronic diseases.

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Due to its long list of benefits, mushrooms are a highly valued food in all balanced feeding, are a good source of plant-based protein, and are therefore ideal in vegetarian or vegan eating plans. In recent years, its consumption has increased considerably and that is why many questions have arisen about the right way to clean them and avoid risks that affect health.

Wash Them Or Not?

There are mixed opinions about it, some theories do not recommend washing mushrooms as their moisture content is increased and this causes them to deteriorate much faster, it is said that they also its texture and flavor are ruined during cooking. We will tell you what the mycology experts about.

According to the statements of Holly Elmore Harvard Doctor Mushroom Specialist, The best way to clean grocery store mushrooms is to use a paper towel moistened with water gently wipe the debris they are on the entire surface of the fungus.

You probably wonder why not clean them under the water tap, the doctor points out that this custom can not only spoil them, makes them gummy on the outside, and is very difficult to dry before putting them on the plate and this automatically changes its texture and qualities.

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Another key point is knowing that most of the mushrooms we get at grocery stores, including cremini, button mushrooms, and portobello mushrooms; they are grown in a heat-treated compost process in which most organisms have been killed.

However, it is probably necessary to clean them and the best way to avoid washing is to obtain a mushroom brush whose sows they have the peculiarity of effectively removing the land that is usually housed. There are also other good techniques to clean them without wetting them how to peel them, remove their stem, or use flour. Gives click on the next video to know the step by step.

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