Cosmetic surgeries: a TV show in England helps you decide if you need one

En la serie, los cuerpos desnudos de los participantes son escaneados usando tecnología de realidad virtual, para crear avatares con los aumentos corporales deseados.

In the series, the naked bodies of the participants are scanned using virtual reality technology, to create avatars with the desired body augmentations.

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There are now over 28,000 plastic surgery procedures performed in the UK each year and given the number of scalpel enthusiasts, this month E4 launched a new program called Send Nudes Body SOS, with the aim of helping people who are considering surgery to make a decision.

Last month, a report published by the American Association of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) in the United States revealed that the demand for cosmetic surgeries skyrocketed in the country after the end of the critical phase of the coronavirus pandemic.

In the series, the naked bodies of the participants are scanned using virtual reality technology, to create avatars with the desired body augmentations, which they can see from all angles.

After this, there is a panel of 50 unknowns who provide feedback on the changes to help participants decide whether or not to have the surgery.

The show is hosted by renowned Vogue model Williams, who first talks to participants about their body concerns and the surgery they are considering.

For example, in the pilot episode, a contestant named Steven discusses whether or not to opt for surgery to enlarge his penis, while a woman named Steph considers breast reduction surgery.

aesthetic insecurities

According to the MailOnline news site, viewers of the TV show have raised concerns that Send Nudes plays on the participants’ insecurities and encourages cosmetic surgery.

Crackit Productions joined forces with two companies, FBFX and Fluid Pictures, on the technology behind Send Nudes.

Francis Mathew, Senior Production Manager at Crackit Productions, the production company behind the show explained that the first stage was to scan the show’s 20 collaborators, completely nude, at the FBFX studio.

The production tech is monumental, noting that FBFX used 256 cameras to scan the contestants’ bodies from all angles, before using photogrammetry software to create fully textured 3D models.

“These were then passed to Fluid to add detail and do the various surgical options presented to the collaborator,” said Mr. Mathew.

Once the bodies were ready, motion capture was applied to them to give them movement and make them more realistic.

“The CGI hair is created by sculpting hundreds of guide hairs, each one meticulously brushed, styled and positioned, which in turn defines the overall hairstyle,” added Mathews.

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